how long til I hear back from UVM Health new grad residency program?

U.S.A. Vermont


Turned in all required documents and my previous instructors sent in their evaluation forms and I completed my personal statement (which was great in my opinion! Haha) .

Got invited to complete the video interview on the 23rd of jan, a Friday, did it Sunday night so they received it as early as Monday the next business day.

How long til I hear back? I'm just so eager and praying everyday because I got accepted into the residency program in my home state but there's a 2 yr contract and costs 5k per year to cancel for a total of 2 yrs. I was going to take it until I heard from vt but not if the contract goes into effect as soon as I think it does (am clarifying tmrw when I give them a call).

I'm ready to work for vt NOW since I already graduated and if they had a contract I'd totally sign it ... application deadlines are in may so maybe I won't hear back til then? Just didn't know if they hired new nurses at the end of that deadline or if they go ahead and start people who have already graduated and can start work now as opposed to those who graduate in may thus can't start til after that ...

Thanks guys!

Thanks for any replies ... and if anyone is familiar with the hospital (formerly fletcher allen) and knows if it's acceptable to contact HR or nurse managers of units you're interested in let me know ... so far I'm not doing any of that cause I don't want to ruin my chances. (I've been told that it's good to contact NM if you're applying for a single position but it's not a good idea if it's a position within a nurse residency program where several candidates are selected... I have heard a few exceptions to this though.)

I am about to graduate from an accelerated nursing program and wAs interested in moving to Burlington for the new grad program. Please let me know what you think and how it turns out. It would be a big move for me as I am from Florida.

I'm from South Carolina so I feel you! I've visited several times and I can tell you it's very cold in winter BUT the town is so cute and like a winter wonderland during this season. Summer and fall are just beautiful .... it's a wonderful quaint little town with everything you need and so scenic. I will comment on here or PM you if I remember in the future if I ever hear back and get there! It must be a long process....idk.

Over 3 weeks now ... still not even an update news is good news I guess since my application is actively being considered I guess but geez .....

I haven't heard yet about the digital interview after submitting materials...still waiting! Can you tell me how long your personal statement was, H4ywii?? I'm worried now that mine was too brief. I didn't see any specific length guidelines anywhere - did you?

I wrote a fairly extensive statement .... it was a few paragraphs ... like maybe a half or 3/4 page typed. But you're right, there were no specific directions so I wouldn't sweat it. 5 weeks since I submitted my video interview now ... very slow process ..maybe we will hear back at the end of the app deadline in April / may ?

Just for the record, if anyone reads this post and wonders the same, I spoke with HR about the next steps in the hiring process. Since I got invited to do the video interview (which I completed 6 wks ago), I am now in the "pool of applicants". They pick from that pool when a unit is considering a new graduate to fill the position. She told me it could take a few months. I hope I hear back soon, or I think you have to reapply in august when the new grad position opens again (it closes in April or may for this go around). I'm ready to move now and have my VT license active and ready to go!!!

ALSO: I scoured positions open at the hospital today bc I was curious and SO many units that they say they hire new grads into (according to the new grad nurse info page on their site) are hiring right now ....wonder if that means I could get a call soon or if only experienced nurses will be considered for those .... :(

Do you remember what the interview questions were for the webcam interview? apparently there are 10, and you get no time to think!

Have you heard back?

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