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  1. cat1235

    New Grad BSN RN accepted an LVN position. Question?

    Didn't even know it was legal to take a job that is below your license level ...besides the standard of care you'd be held to, what about pay? I thought legally they have to pay you as an RN and not LPN pay.... and if they are paying you as an RN then are you only held to LPN standards of care? So weird ... after going to school for an RN degree you deserve an RN job and RN pay all the way!!
  2. cat1235

    What is the appeal of the hospital?

    Also, it sucks alot more pulling long ten hour night shifts at my home health job 4 days in a row and sometimes plus an extra day that week. Though I'd like day shift in a hospital, I'm much more willing to work 3 twelve hour night shifts to get my foot in the door. Pay wise .... here and where I moved from they pay me more in a nursing home and home health BUT it's not like RN pay in the hospital is horrible, it's still good ... and you earn your raises after 6 months experience, 1 year etc ...and I'd gladly take a small cut in pay to be happy with my job. And i think thats just in regard to starting pay. It might be that they pay me more starting out outside of the hospital but maybe theres more room for pay raises in the hospital than there are in home health or LTC as you gain experience. Im not actually sure. I do know that considering as a new grad you'd prob start on nights ... there's usually shift differential for that so before you know it you're off nights if you wanna be and have more experience and pay raise and it levels out that shift diff you were getting on nights as a new grad. Besides, for me, this being my first real career, any nursing pay is awesome in my eyes... for me it's like SNF and home health pay is equivalent to a billion dollars ... alot of money. And then hospital pay starting out is like a million dollars ... a little less than what I was making but still good money if you get me.
  3. cat1235

    What is the appeal of the hospital?

    I am a new grad RN and just started in home health .... did LTC previously for a year as an LPN and briefly when I got my RN license. Where I'm from I got into the hospital via a residency program but turned it down to move and it's harder getting into the hospital here ... I personally can't wait to make it in though. With both my nursing jobs so far I don't enjoy it. Boring. No real orientation. Not using many skills. And the ones I have used that I wasn't accustomed to in nursing school become strong but then I just don't learn any more because it's the same Patient(s) so hardly any room for growth and expanding my skill set a lot. I wanna work with IVs, have new patients and new backgrounds every day. I'm a task oriented person ... hang an IVF here. Admit this patient there. Perform this treatment, discharge ... ya know ... an environment like that. Not the exact same meddpass everyday in SNF. not the same mundane routine in home health every shift. Some people like that kind of environment but not everybody. I went into nursing with passion .... I feel none at my nursing jobs so far. Like a previous person said it took til they got in thr ER to feel passionate and love their nursing job. I feel it'll be the same for me .... not to mention, like some said, it's usually easier to transition from hospital to non. Harder the other way around usually. As someone who wants to do travel nursing at some point in a specialty I enjoy, I'm eager to get into the hospital and out of home health and SNF work environments.
  4. cat1235

    My choice or required

    I kind of have a patient like that. He's not actually a vegetable, but Def is not all there. Doesn't understand you or communicate or react on a personal level ... just kind of reacts to stimuli... doesn't speak ... might look your way in reaction to a light or stimuli but no real actual eye contact. Parents also used to have him in school. Now a young adult. Really?? Just seems exhausting for the child and makes the parents feel better. Spasms in response to pain ... no verbalization. Mom thinks he's "vocal" when he has respiratory noises exacerbated by certain meds or interventions. Just lays there. (Has some degree of brain damage). I think one (though not the only) reason I don't like home health is because this is not quality of life .... I guess I feel bad and like it's just ridiculous for the poor kid to be here living like this.... and for me to be interacting with someone who doesn't really know I'm interacting with him ... it's sad and not quality of life ... :/ however I always,wonder if maybe even people like this can't understand at least a little. Or at least a close family member's voice. So some stimulation or communication is good, they are human. I just think some forms of stimulation are over done and actually exhausting for the patient and just serve to make the family feel better.
  5. cat1235

    a new grad (sorta) opinion of HH.

    I do home health high tech paid by medicaid. And of course I would never use the term babysitting. Was just drawing a point on this board.
  6. cat1235

    a new grad (sorta) opinion of HH.

    While the hospital is still where I want to be, I do have to agree that I'd definitely enjoy intermittent visits better than this when it comes to HH / PD. I am at "work" now. I'm basically an overnight baby sitter. I'm here to give mom a break from caring for her adult son ... I give a couple meds. I give g tube feedings and flushes. Change the g tube dressing and trach ties. Suction as needed. Basically an overnight baby sitter with a license to make it legal for me to touch the trach and gtube and give meds. Changing briefs and moving alone ...which usually works fine lately but if i need the extra help no colleagues around. Watching a movie though and surfing my phone! I am allowed to do that! Haha. I can see why people transition from hospital to home health cases like these. it's more flexible and chill and you do kinda just get to be a nurse babysitter with a license and make good money. But I'm kinda sitting here wishing I were experiencing more! I'll prob take that back when I'm busy in a hospital haha! But oh well ... it is what it is for now! Trying to be proactive about getting a hospital job and be patient on the new grad residency hiring process there! (It's kinda drawn out). I am making great money for what I'm doing overnight though. And sometimes I deserve it for my exertion trying to simply change a brief or move him up in bed alone as dead weight! Haha. But money isn't what drives me in nursing ..I just wanna enjoy my job... sure it's a factor but I don't mind taking a small cut in pay as a new grad in a hospital ... it's still decent pay!! I just make all the more here... And I think the raises add up pretty quickly after each 6 months or year of experience in the hospital. But for now I'll enjoy making what I'm making just chilling here .... morning care soon ...*snores* but don't get me wrong, it does get busy at certain times of the night when all his care is ordered at the same time slot ... and then needs suctioning and moving when Im trying to carry out other orders and next thing you know it's 30 mins later ...and when it's 4 in the morning your brain gets a little slow! But that's nurse life ... gotta power through those AM hours of the night and work your brain and check those meds etc cause we have an important job!
  7. cat1235


    I actually just started working for bayada. I really so think it must depend on the location of the agency you work for. I've read mixed reviews. My agency seems pretty good here in Vermont .... right now I'm having no problem getting full time hours. As a matter of fact, I have room to turn down shifts cause so many have been thrown at me lately because a nurse is out on injury and they also may want to have me pick up another patient when she's back so I'd have two. But they are very flexible and understanding so I don't end up overworked. And I guess you never really know how it's gonna be til you start working for them because they may try to play up their flexibility and full time hours to suck you in but I suppose you have to give it a try, tell them what you want, and then if they can't come through or fulfill promises then it's time to leave.
  8. cat1235

    a new grad (sorta) opinion of HH.

    Yeah, I can see why you'd refer to my line of work as private duty. My agency is called a home health agency though! Haha. I can see the point you're trying to make though. I guess people have different ideas of what home health are maybe ..... I too feel it's more private duty work than HH considering the majority of patients are longterm as opposed to in the need of nursing care at home temporarily after hospital discharge.
  9. I suppose I am writing this to vent, express my opinion, generate comments and opinions, and maybe even help others who may relate and find a solace in reading my post. I say sorta new grad because I was an LPN at a nursing home for a year (RN there for a couple months before I left ... more pay but same duties). So I'm a new grad RN with a previous nursing job but still pretty much a baby. Haha. I took the first job I got offered so I could make the move to VT. Bayada home health. It's only my second week. Caring for a young man in his 20s with a trach and g tube .... brain damage is present so there's really no verbal communication.... I'm overnight 10-8. I have a little experience with g tubes from LTC but only touched on trachs in clinical. So I was nervous. At first I was overworked and completely physically being affected... the other nurse who cares for him is out so I've had to pick up the load. Luckily, the agency is very understanding and supportive and have reduced me to 4 ten hr overnights instead of 5 in a row and worked out a pretty flexible schedule for me and it seems like it's able to be tweaked if I find something doesn't work for me or works better for me. So you gotta give a little of course but they are flexible here if you voice your concerns or requests. (Which I'm learning to do ... depending on when the other nurse comes back I'm supposed to do every other weekend so I can have full weekends off sometimes soon ... I'm just pulling the weight right now doing them every week right now however it's temp plus I did request sat off and they were super flexible about it!) oriented for 2 1/2 nights which at first felt like not enough but turns out I actually felt more at ease when my preceptor left because I was able to go by my own routine and schedule. I've been checked off on skills and now just have to turn in a written exam and I am "adult trach certified" which they said I can carry with me into future jobs. I honestly don't feel very certified in trachs.... I can suction and I know the protocols if the trach comes out and luckily if his did he's pretty stable without it .... I don't know what I'd do with a mmore dependent patient if complications arose. I'm still having trouble changing trach ties .... it's so difficult to fit them in the slots! I never wanted to get into HH. I want to be in the hospital as soon as I can be. I want to do hospital skills. Work with IVs. Experience different patients. Work alongside other colleagues. I guess the trach and g tube skills will help? While this is not my thing ... I at least feel like it's more bearable than I did a few days ago. And I know it's thst way with any new job. Especially since I had started the night of the day I moved into my new apt so I got no rest for several days straight ha. Emotionally: you'd think I'd feel more compassionate working with this patient ... his poor mom slaves away caring for him when we're not here and others his age have much better quality of life. I'm a very sweet and caring person so I was surprised I didn't feel much. Made me feel guilty. After Talking with some people and reading an article I realized this is normal sometimes... as nurses we may sometimes block feelings without realizing it as a defense mechanism.... this doesn't make us bad people. And sometimes one patient gets to us more than another and that's just human. And it's okay if when I go home I don't worry about my patient because work and personal life are separate. And naturally, if this isn't my niche, I may feel a little differently but it doesn't mean I won't give quality care to my patient. Let me tell you ... I'd be totally fine doing three 12 hr night shifts in the hospital ... four (at least not 5 now ...4 is manageable) 10 hr shifts overnight in a row are just different when you're alone and only have one patient to care for. Also, know what my biggest issue is?? Not the high tech care but TURNING AND CHANG ING BRIEFS! I am tiny and it's very straining on me when my patient is dead weight ... at least in LTC I could get help from the CNAs if needed. I'm completely alone here. I've been shown techniques to help me so I'm gonna try those but the fact of the matter is it is still more difficult. I feel that as a new grad HH is not the most optimal place to start out. Both in LTC and now HH, I have virtually been on my own when I feel like I need coworkers and mentors around to help me learn and perfect my skills. With both jobs I have the same patients/residents and I feel it's hard to learn new things that way. I do feel lucky to work for a decent HH agency though, they're supportive and flexible and I feel welcome to call if I have questions on my shift. I am also the only nurse right now for this patient while the other nurse is out and even then it seems there are no PRN nurses?! (I used to get full time hours if i desired at LTC when i went prn!) So it's pressuring to fulfill shifts knowing if I'm not here his mother is slaving away . But that's where I'm learning to take care of myself and say no if I'm over exerted and maintain my own life outside of work .... being flexible to the family's preferences when and if I can. Do I want to do this forever? No. Actually waiting to hear back from a new grad hospital nurse residency program. Will I be flexible and generous with my time and notice when I leave this agency because they've been good to me? Definitely. They know that I'm very intent on working with peds patients but they didn't have any upon hire but told me I could transition to them if they come up. Will I be here long enough for that? Idk but if so I'll be happy to take on peds patients. Is my heart still yearning for the hospital? Yes. I'd love to do NICU, or at least peds, or oncology. I will take any floor in the hospital to just get my foot in the door and start doing hospital skills though haha. Do I think new grads should start out in HH? if hospital work is what you want, it's probably not ideal BUT, like with me, it might just work out that you started in HH first and then hospital instead of the other way around and any experience is good experience as a new grad. And I know the g tube but especially trach experience and cert will look good for hospital work. If HH is where you want to go and stay,even though I'm sure hospital experience would be helpful, then I say jump right in if you don't plan on doing anything else because if you don't ever plan to work in acute care then might as well jump in and learn in the area you plan on sticking with! So in conclusion.... honestly? I don't really like my job that much .... it's not the patients fault of course, just not my niche. I don't hate it though like I did the first few days! (Stress relief, sleep, and eating helped me hate it less haha). Some people love HH.... I don't and that's ok. I feel neutral about it now which is better than hating it and crying before i go in like i did before. Do i still give quality care? Indeed. Do I feel important and respected for my job? Yes. Will I end up at the hospital? Definitely. Who knows if in the future I won't want to do this .... but for now I am and looking for hospital work. Hoping that if I get into the new grad program, I think they have different start dates for different units so it's possible I wouldn't start for a few months after hire so I can put in plenty of notice at the HH agency and work with them just like they've worked with me to give my services as long as I can before they have to find someone else. The end! My thoughts. Any comments or opinions of your own are welcome!
  10. cat1235

    flying over 1000 miles for an interview

    How on earth can I move to a place where I don't have a job yet ..... hence the reason I am trying to get a job to pay for an apartment so I can live here .... c'mon people, really? So I'll move and pay for a place ..... how? And sorry but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I have no idea when the new grad program could start IF I even get in. I know plenty of people who switched jobs within the first year of graduation .... it's not ideal but you have to do what you have to do as long as switching jobs throughout the year does by become a habit.
  11. My situation condensed: I live in SC, graduated in December 14, trying to relocate to VT. One year of SNF LPN experience. Have visited VT several times to see my boyfriend and have an active license in both SC and VT. Still in the running for getting hired into a VT hospital's new grad residency program (and if I do should know before August I think ....or any day for that matter) but know that I need to just take what I can get in the meantime to start my RN career and get my butt in Vermont. Had a phone interview for a peds doc office ....going on a month and haven't heard back so I came across a home health agency last week. (Bayada home health care) Saw an ad posted on some career search site. Emailed them along with my resume, was asked to call to further discuss, I did... and all within a day or two after a few more emails, after the mention of an interview, I said I could be there the next week (I'm ready to get this job stuff on the way haha) so i fly out tomorrow for a few days to interview on wed! All at my own cost. The link to fill out an actual app wasn't working because of their server but she said I could fill one out on paper when I'm there. The whole thing seems very nonchalant an easy going. I feel like this might be One of those places where the interview process is laid back and the application is just a technical thing they have to have you do ...kind of like when a friend gets you a job and they know they're hiring you but have to have you fill one out anyways just so they can say you did. Has anyone ever flown out and NOT gotten the job? I would hope if they want to interview me they'd plan on hiring me unless I'm just not who I say I am. I hope! I've already set up appointments with apartment complexes to look at them so I can find a place before I leave if I get hired so I don't have to fly back up again and pay another plane ticket!
  12. cat1235

    Burlington Vermont Nurses!

    I'm in the applicant pool for FAHC (well now called University of Vermont Medical Center). I applied on Jan 1, got invited to do the video interview so did that 6 weeks ago. Spoke with HR today to find out the next step since it's been 6 wks with no update to find I'm in the applicant pool. She said it can take a few months to possibly get selected. How long til any of you who applied got an offer there?? I live in SC but have an active license in VT and am ready to make the move! Any info at all abt your experience is helpful!
  13. ALSO: I scoured positions open at the hospital today bc I was curious and SO many units that they say they hire new grads into (according to the new grad nurse info page on their site) are hiring right now ....wonder if that means I could get a call soon or if only experienced nurses will be considered for those ....
  14. Just for the record, if anyone reads this post and wonders the same, I spoke with HR about the next steps in the hiring process. Since I got invited to do the video interview (which I completed 6 wks ago), I am now in the "pool of applicants". They pick from that pool when a unit is considering a new graduate to fill the position. She told me it could take a few months. I hope I hear back soon, or I think you have to reapply in august when the new grad position opens again (it closes in April or may for this go around). I'm ready to move now and have my VT license active and ready to go!!!
  15. I wrote a fairly extensive statement .... it was a few paragraphs ... like maybe a half or 3/4 page typed. But you're right, there were no specific directions so I wouldn't sweat it. 5 weeks since I submitted my video interview now ... very slow process ..maybe we will hear back at the end of the app deadline in April / may ?
  16. cat1235

    Does applying out of state look good?

    Also, I live in sc and we have so many decent hospitals AND lots of great nursing schools so I imagine it is hard to break into the south as an out of state applicant .... at least as a new grad. But persistence is key. Honestly I'm finding that unless you get accepted into a new grad residency here in sc, it's hard to find a job unless you get lucky, know someone, or work as a tech in a hospital already. I got accepted into a residency program at palmetto health but am turning it down since I'm trying to move to VT and PH has a 2 yr contract where if you break it you pay 5 -10 k... so..... haha.....but yeah I can see it being hard to break into the south as a new grad but keep trying and things always work out even if you have to work somewhere else first to get experience and not be a "new grad" anymore.