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  1. notallwhowander

    When to start applying for Certified Nurse Midwife jobs?

    That's the exact kind of job that I want to do - I love women's health and public health, and I hope when I graduate (I just started the program so I've got a couple of years) I can find a similar position! Good luck with it :)
  2. notallwhowander

    Ohio Health and OSU

    Just an FYI, Mt Carmel is bringing back 403b matching for 2015.
  3. notallwhowander

    Moving to California

    I might consider being apart from my husband for a year if it means being able to secure a better job when moving there (which would be miserable, but we've done it before and can do it again). Do hospitals normally hire on travel nurses if there's a permanent spot available, or is that against contract? The hospital I'm at now is notorious for giving permanent positions to travelers once their contract is up. I appreciate all of the input - it certainly helps as we begin looking more seriously into the issue as my husband is now finished with his degree.
  4. notallwhowander

    Moving to California

    I have a very similar question. My husband might be getting a job in the bay area - if so, we would be relocating there and I would be looking for a job. I have a year of experience on a tele/stepdown floor, I have my BSN, I can get ACLS. I wonder if it would be better to try to get a travel gig in that area first while I'm looking for permanent employment? Or would that hurt my chances more than help? Curious for everybody's thoughts, for both myself and Rshells :)
  5. notallwhowander

    Art requirement

    And it transferred to OU with no problems? (sorry, old thread I know but I'm trying to figure out what to do with this now!)
  6. notallwhowander

    Vanderbilt Medical Center Cuts 100-300 Jobs

    On a related note: Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up - WFSB 3 Connecticut
  7. notallwhowander

    HELP!! No charge nurse, no supervisor and OUTRAGEOUS ratios!!

    Tell me again why many nurses are opposed to unions that fight for safe ratios? Just a thought. As others have said, it sounds like a decision between a good reference/leaving your job in a good way or potentially your license. The patients are the ones who suffer the most, regardless. It disgusts me how much these corporations (because that's what hospitals have become) will keep chopping and chopping just to maintain their bottom line. And chopping at hospitals = more falls, more medication errors, etc etc etc. Ugh. Stay strong, all.
  8. notallwhowander

    thoughts on traveling

    While BSN is not really of value for traveling, it will definitely help you when you first start out - if a hospital's choice is between a new grad AD RN or a new grad BSN RN, they're going to go with the BSN just to help their stats out, especially if they're looking for magnet status. Experience is king, but you gotta be able to get in somewhere to -get- that experience first
  9. Granted: job markets should not be the only thing you think about when you go into school for anything. It should be a factor, but you should do what you're passionate about. I didn't want to discourage any current students or new grads (like myself) who went into this because they have a passion for nursing and want to pursue that - that's awesome! There are ways to make that happen, and there are jobs for new grads - they're just not easy to get (like ANY OTHER JOB out there right now). I'm just sick of a.) hearing people saying they're thinking about or going to nursing school because "I'm guaranteed a job for life!" and b.) all of my family and friends thinking I'm off my rocker when I say I still don't have a RN job because the job market is poor for new graduates ("really? I always heard there were signing bonuses right out of school!").
  10. I'm a new grad who took the boards last month and is still looking for a job. While I agree that it seems hare-brained for all these hospitals to be building vast new expansions and forcing unsafe staffing ratios on the existing nurses while saying they will not hire new grads - it is not the fault of nurses that are working there. Leave your ageist remarks at the door, put your nose to the ground, and start looking for jobs in earnest. If you want to blame somebody for not being able to find a job, blame the nursing schools who advertised that jobs are guaranteed in this market, the media for perpetuating that myth, or yourself for getting into a field because you thought it would be a sure thing.
  11. notallwhowander

    FAHC New Grads - Phone interviews?

    So I know this was from last year - but how did it go for both of you? I'm in the "applicant pool" now, but haven't heard back from any unit managers. Just wondering how the process was for you guys.
  12. notallwhowander

    Hiring a new grad in Columbus Ohio? Advice

    Sent you a PM - right now I'd work on any kind of floor.
  13. notallwhowander

    Hiring a new grad in Columbus Ohio? Advice

    Any tips on getting hired in? I submitted my new grad residency application back in March and it's still siting in the "applied" status, meaning nobody from HR has even looked at it (and I have called and emailed, and they basically have just told me 'somebody will eventually look at it').
  14. notallwhowander

    Hiring a new grad in Columbus Ohio? Advice

    600-800 for a one bedroom even seems a bit steep, there is more affordable housing in Columbus if you're willing to do a bit of looking. For example, I rent at 750/mo for a 3-bedroom house with a yard. www.metro-rentals.com is a good place to start looking (and it breaks it down by neighborhood, which is nice). Good luck!
  15. notallwhowander

    Wexner Medical Center OR?

    Wexner = Ohio State hospital. They have the best benefits out of any of the area hospitals, and the pay is comparable. I don't work there, but I know of quite a few people who do and they all enjoy it there. OSU is unionized, so union dues/union benefits (depending on how you look at it). Parking is a bit difficult and you do have to pay for parking, but if it's close enough to your house you could always bus/bike/walk. Good luck!