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MissM.RN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Where do you work PRN/Per Diem?

    I'm hoping for some advice about what type of work is best for a per diem/PRN job? I work full time at the bedside, so I would prefer something a little less physically demanding. I have heard about some colleagues working for insurance companies, b...
  2. Got written up AGAIN

    I have two thoughts about your situation: 1. nursing is a "24 hour role". no one nurse can be expected to do every possible ordered thing within 8 hours. i mean, if the patient doesn't have a productive cough, how are you supposed to collect a sputum...
  3. Hire Me

    If you can deal with a cross-country move, look into NH and VT. new grad and ADN friendly. PM me if you need further detail. I relocated too and never for a minute regretted it
  4. Need help finding job

    If you feel comfortable sharing, what is your location?
  5. Frustrating Job Market

    OP, can you relocate? if so, send me a private message. i can give you a couple of leads. if not, best of luck to you. the job market for everyone has been horrible since the 2008 crash!
  6. OP, I echo what a previous poster said: I think it might be time to get your anxiety under control. That doesn't mean you couldn't be a great nurse though! It sounds like you are smart and have some insight. Nursing needs smart, humble people. On the...
  7. Applying to jobs out of state

    OP - yes! I graduated at a very difficult time for new grads to get hospital jobs. It was hard to swallow because I have a family, but I'm glad I did. The hiring process at my hospital was ok - long but reasonable. Recommendation letters/CNA experien...
  8. Would you send this patient to the unit?

    OP, you should be thanked for your advocacy and getting this pt to the unit where they belong. As a charge RN, I would simply not accept this patient to my unit, not assign a bed or nurse, and maybe even file a union "unsafe staffing" report.
  9. First Med Error... Learned Big Lesson

    OP, you should be commended for your care and honesty. there are some nurses that i know who would have said "eh" or perhaps didn't even notice the BP AT ALL or worse still, let an entire day go by without any vitals being measured. I too wish that ...
  10. Job Hopper, concerned

    Agree with both OP and previous posters. That job makes it seem as though you were working at a nearly-bankrupt psyc unit in a prison. oy vey! however, yes many new grads state that the work is "dangerous" when it really is the new grad who can't kee...
  11. New Grad Nurse Journal ICU

    WHY oh why is "journaling" a new thing in nursing? I find keeping your feelings and opinions to yourself is a lost art. I can't believe your employer (let alone nursing schools) is making people do this. Here's what I would write every day: "thank yo...
  12. Brigham and Women's Hospital

    Can anyone give me their opinion on this: I've put a few applications out to BWH for staff nurse/floor positions and step-down/intermediate. while I heard back and received good feedback from two other rival hospitals, I have received nothing but aut...
  13. OP, sorry you're going through that. 6 week new grad orientation for a 6 patient ratio? Unacceptable. Please do not judge yourself too harshly given that training and ratio. I refuse to work 1:6 and I am an experienced nurse. agree with previous post...
  14. Jobs in Boston

    Boston nurses, how long did it take (roughly) from the time you applied to a particular hospital job to the time you finally heard back from HR or the nurse manager? I am BSN/experienced. thanks in advance for any insight you can offer. it seems slow...
  15. Brigham and Women's Hospital

    yes please! i'm guessing ICU would have to be 1:1 or maybe 1:2 at times. how does the nurse : patient ratio work out generally on other units?