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  1. Well I am back in public health. But I have a promotion and am happy. The issue with acute care wasn’t the hard work. The job I have now is still challenging (not boring) but in a different way. I definitely think public health is my “niche”. The problem was that in acute care I was being thrown into the wolves and not being given adequate training.
  2. ~Shrek~

    Burned out new grad. What non bedside job can I do?

    Also on the facebook post for this group everyone is raging on OP’s “critical thinking” statement. SOME PEOPLE IN ACUTE CARE LIKE TO USE CRITICAL THINKING AS AN EXCUSE TO BULLY AND HUMILIATE I don’t work acute care. Where I work, “critical thinking” is prioritizing client needs and finding them appropriate resources. In the ICU world, especially as a new grad, things are different. I got berated for not “thinking critically” on my second day when I asked why we were giving protonix to our unconscious clients if it is used for GERD. How can someone unconscious complain of acid reflux or stomach pain? When I looked at MedScape, I saw no explanation for why we were giving Protonix. It literally just says “GERD” “Zollinger-Ellison syndrome” and “poetic ulcer disease”. I showed it to my preceptor and her response? “You need to look this up at home”. I felt so humiliated. My question “concerned” her. It wasn’t until a week or so later that I found out that it is to prevent aspiration pneumonia from reflux. If my preceptor simply explained this to me instead of putting me down, I would have remembered it. I had zero ICU experience. This is just one example.
  3. ~Shrek~

    Burned out new grad. What non bedside job can I do?

    You do NOT need to “pay your dues” and spend 10 years slaving away in the hospital to get a nice M-F 8-5 clinic job. I got one with minimal psych nursing experience. You DO however have to be open minded with regards to both pay and prestige. If you’re OK with: other nurses lowkey judging you for not working acute care, losing the “skills” at the bedside, taking on somewhat lower pay, and, with the prospect of never working acute care again, then you can find something easily. Look into governments, FQHC’s, school nursing, clinics, rehab centers, dialysis centers, psych (stressful in a different way from bedside), prison (another stressful in its own way situation, and only work for a prison if you’re working for the government, not for an agency), laser hair removal, ALFs, case management, and insurance companies. Not all of these are M-F 8-5 jobs. Start applying now and give yourself 6-12 Months.
  4. ~Shrek~

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    And here is why I will only ever work psychiatry or Public health.
  5. ~Shrek~

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    Why I left my nursing jobs. Job 1, as a new grad, non acute care: They told me I would rotate between nights, evenings, and days. Then they put me permanently on nights. 11pm to 7:30 am, 5 nights a week. I said "**** that (self-censored), I am becoming severely depressed doing this." Job 2, non acute care: I had a very poor support system and was in charge of like 100 patients. I got stuck with a needle and was not enrolled in worker's comp. My parents asked me to quit, even if it meant not finding another RN job and having to change careers. Job 3, non acute care: I stayed for years. Excellent work environment. However, I left because even after working there for 4 years, new grads were being offered an entry level job one level up from what I was doing while I interviewed about a dozen times. I was being overlooked for a promotion that was still entry level, and new grad external candidates were being hired instead of me. Job 4, acute care: Remember that I had not worked acute care in my life, and was a few years out of school: I felt like I was 100% in a nurses eat their young situation. I felt like I was being berated and left on my own without training or support. I felt like I was not getting enough training and that I was unsupported. I broke down during this job, and was dead set on changing careers until I got offered Job 5. Job 5, non acute care: I will see how this goes. It seems like a very good and satisfying job that I will stay at for years. Hopefully this works out well. 😎
  6. ~Shrek~

    Help Quit New Grad ICU Job

    If you’re still on orientation a lot of jobs don’t care about two week notices because it’s more expensive and time consuming for them to keep training you than to just have you go.
  7. How do I demonstrate critical thinking in an interview? I recently was turned down in an interview, and I asked the manager why I didn't get the job, and she said it was because I did not demonstrate critical thinking in my interview. Now I am getting an interview for the same job again, and I want to know how I can "demonstrate critical thinking". Thank you!
  8. I recently got a job in acute care after working in public health for 4 years. I am nervous about what is to come but I was getting bored and needed change. I haven’t started yet, but I figure that if I hate it I can always apply to clinic jobs and leave in a year or so.
  9. ~Shrek~

    Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    Lol I would tell my friends not to sign those contracts unless they had absolutely no choice!
  10. Do you think a Pathologist who has been out of med school for 30 years knows what to do if his cousin calls him/her to ask his /her advice on giving birth? Can a Neurologist be consulted as to what to do when a patient gets MDR TB? Without consulting their textbooks/ classroom materials? In general, no. Same with nursing. That said, I would love more training as to what to do in emergency situations.
  11. ~Shrek~

    Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    I would NOT sign one of those contracts unless I had absolutely no choice. Have a lawyer look at it if you can. I have heard of fines up to $30,000 for leaving a job in under 3 years. Lord knows what will happen in 3 years. Do I want to become financially crippled for leaving a job because, God forbid, a family member gets sick and I need to take care of them? I think those contracts are demeaning and wrong. I stayed at my last job, despite being dissatisfied, for over 4 years. If I managed to stay 4 years at a job which I wasn't super happy with without a contract, what does that say about jobs that have contracts?
  12. ~Shrek~

    Guys, I'm an unintentional job hopper.

    Unless there is some kind of abuse going on, or you absolutely cannot stand the ICU for whatever reason, I would try to stay at least 1 year before moving on. If you have a job offer at the Cath Lab already, then aim to stay there at least 1 year, ideally 2, to show to future employers that you are able to hold a job long-term.
  13. ~Shrek~

    Is my career over already???

    are you looking at clinics and non-acute care jobs?
  14. In the USA, Public Health Nursing = more travel on the road (usually), whereas outpatient clinic nursing is usually in one office with minimal travel. Keep that in mind!
  15. ~Shrek~

    Still working as a CNA with RN license - resign?

    "Thank you so much for having me here as a CNA. Although working here has been great, I was offered a position to work as an RN. I would love to one day come back here and work as an RN."