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  1. How do I demonstrate critical thinking in an interview? I recently was turned down in an interview, and I asked the manager why I didn't get the job, and she said it was because I did not demonstrate critical thinking in my interview. Now I am getting an interview for the same job again, and I want to know how I can "demonstrate critical thinking". Thank you!
  2. I recently got a job in acute care after working in public health for 4 years. I am nervous about what is to come but I was getting bored and needed change. I haven’t started yet, but I figure that if I hate it I can always apply to clinic jobs and leave in a year or so.
  3. ~Shrek~

    Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    Lol I would tell my friends not to sign those contracts unless they had absolutely no choice!
  4. Do you think a Pathologist who has been out of med school for 30 years knows what to do if his cousin calls him/her to ask his /her advice on giving birth? Can a Neurologist be consulted as to what to do when a patient gets MDR TB? Without consulting their textbooks/ classroom materials? In general, no. Same with nursing. That said, I would love more training as to what to do in emergency situations.
  5. ~Shrek~

    Disheartened by friends' reaction about Residency

    I would NOT sign one of those contracts unless I had absolutely no choice. Have a lawyer look at it if you can. I have heard of fines up to $30,000 for leaving a job in under 3 years. Lord knows what will happen in 3 years. Do I want to become financially crippled for leaving a job because, God forbid, a family member gets sick and I need to take care of them? I think those contracts are demeaning and wrong. I stayed at my last job, despite being dissatisfied, for over 4 years. If I managed to stay 4 years at a job which I wasn't super happy with without a contract, what does that say about jobs that have contracts?
  6. ~Shrek~

    Guys, I'm an unintentional job hopper.

    Unless there is some kind of abuse going on, or you absolutely cannot stand the ICU for whatever reason, I would try to stay at least 1 year before moving on. If you have a job offer at the Cath Lab already, then aim to stay there at least 1 year, ideally 2, to show to future employers that you are able to hold a job long-term.
  7. ~Shrek~

    Is my career over already???

    are you looking at clinics and non-acute care jobs?
  8. In the USA, Public Health Nursing = more travel on the road (usually), whereas outpatient clinic nursing is usually in one office with minimal travel. Keep that in mind!
  9. ~Shrek~

    Still working as a CNA with RN license - resign?

    "Thank you so much for having me here as a CNA. Although working here has been great, I was offered a position to work as an RN. I would love to one day come back here and work as an RN."
  10. Well, I worked five 8 hour nights before. I am sure life is easier to manage with three 12 hour shifts. I am sure three 12's are much more tolerable. However, I don't want to find myself in a situation where I have worked my job for less than a year and want out because I don't feel well.
  11. Yes, $20 an hour plus differential is a substantial incentive.
  12. Oh boy. Probation is different, though. Usually you start working and agree that for 3/6/12 months you will be on probation.
  13. What’s stopping them from offering you a job, you quitting your job, and then you showing up to work and then saying “jk there wasn’t a job!”?