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  1. tsipareht

    Air Force Reservist and Civilian Position

    I can see where the question is confusing. For example, state hospitals usually pay the difference of while I am deployed for active duty. Say that I make $10,000/month at the state hospital. I make $3500/month as a 2nd LT. The state hospital will pay me the difference of $6500/month due to loss of income. Some hospitals that are private don't pay any benefits to reservists while deployed putting a financial strain on their livelihoods at home. I know some sectors like law enforcement and fire fighters will pay the difference of when deployed. Which is what I was trying to refer to in the previous post. Please let me know if you need further clarification.
  2. Anybody with recommendations on which sector provides the most opportunities to double dip while on active duty as a Reservist? I'm an operating room nurse in San Francisco. From what I've been so far it goes from most to least benefits with state, county, city, federal, and private provides almost nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. tsipareht

    CNOR Prep Question

    Thank you
  4. tsipareht

    Any Active Air Force Reservist?

    jfratian, are you also in the AF Reserves right now?
  5. tsipareht

    Any Active Air Force Reservist?

    Are you currently in the Air Force Reserves?
  6. tsipareht

    Any Active Air Force Reservist?

    1. I was just accepted into the Air Force Reserves as an Operating Room Nurse. I want to know if anybody has any experience with the process on requesting for deployments. For example, if there is a list of open slots with another unit I can get attached to (example - Japan, Korea, etc). How do I go about finding where the potential deployments would be? 2. The offered included a $45k bonus @ $15k/year for the first 3 years. After the 3rd year can I reapply for the bonus again? I know in the Army Reserves ICU nurses were able to reapply for their bonuses every 3 years @ $75k ($25/year). 3. I was just told we have to purchase our own uniforms (dress blues/ABUs X2). Is there any particular websites or locations for discounted uniforms? I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking forward to your responses.
  7. tsipareht

    CNOR Prep Question

    Any chance I can take those flash cards off of your hands? They said they were out of them until January 2018. =/ My exam date is in December. Thanks.
  8. tsipareht

    CNOR Prep Question

    What is the best way to prep for the CNOR? CCI? AORN live? Etc? Thanks!
  9. I work as a Respiratory Therapist doing home CPAP setups. I am also an operating room nurse as well. I thought I might find some well informed RN's on this site that can direct me in the right direction. I am contracted as a 1099. What I am looking for is the following: To enter in patient information into a program: Name Address (can open in google maps) Telephone (can open on smartphone once you tap on it) Mileage Pictures Attach pdf files I want to then be able to share this information via email Attach information for expenses as well Any suggestions as far as apps/programs would be greatly appreciated. Freshbooks/Quickbooks do NOT work well with what I want to do. So far from what I can see Evernote is the best route.
  10. I'm already working as a circulator, but there are few opportunities to be provided OJT to scrub due to staffing issues.
  11. Are there any programs in the Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area) or anything closer to Fremont, CA that allows for a BSN - RN Circulator to receive a certificate or bridge program of some sort for scrub tech?
  12. tsipareht

    Operating Room Nurse Needing Scrub Experience

    Can you share your background with me?
  13. tsipareht

    Operating Room Nurse Needing Scrub Experience

    I have, but most seem to want scrub experience at this time.
  14. Are there any OR nurses here that have circulating experience, but do NOT have scrubbing experience? Were you able to find scrubbing experience? If so, how? Have you been hired to a hospital that "requires" scrubbing experience, but ONLY have circulating experience? If so, what set you apart? How much time should I wait to gain experience before applying to a hospital in the Bay Area?
  15. tsipareht

    Has anyone taken the Periop 101 AORN final exam?

    Has there been anybody who has taken the Periop 101 exam within the last year? If so, can you elaborate on any updates, how difficult it was, and how did you study for it? Thanks.
  16. tsipareht

    City of Hope - New Grad August 2013

    Anybody who has been hired receive the med calc test? Any ideas of what to expect?