UTA Rn to BSN program

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    did anybody went to uta and finished online rn to bsn program? i just checked out their program and it sounds insane. at this university all the pre-requisite and nursing classes are 5 weeks!!! how can you possibly learn everything in 5 weeks? and no clinicals?? this school sounds fishy to me.

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    If you do a search on this forum regarding UTA RN-BSN program, you'll find several members who is very satisfied with the program. Also, if you do some research on other RN-BSN programs, there are many that don't require a clinical, and have very rigorous classes ranging from 5-8 weeks. The school is very well-known and is CCNE accredited. But if you don't feel comfortable not completing a clinical and taking 5-8 week classes, there are other schools to choose from.


    UW Green Bay has an online RN-BSN program that seems to have the "traditional" semester classes and a required clinical. The program is also CCNE accredited.
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    I am currently enrolled in UTA and chose this programme based on high recommendations....
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    I will graduate from there in December. Most of the classes are based on research, leadership, and management that is why there are no clinicals. There is one assessment class, but that is the only class that has anything nursing skills.

    The 5 week format can be intense but they have the program designed to perfection. No complaints at all!
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    I am planning to apply for the RN-BSN program for fall of 2011. Can you tell me more about the program since you are almost done? I did get alot of the info from the website, but is there any other information you can share? Thank you in advance.

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    hi everyone,
    I was wondering for those who were accepted into the program, did u complete the 3 required pre- nursing courses (Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, & Intro. to Nursing) before starting the first official semester of the Nursing Program at UTA? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    I am currently taking professional nursing b and started vulnerable populations this week. I would love to hear any feedback on the courses that you are willing to give. Thanks!
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    this school sounds fishy to me.

    absolutely not! they have one of the highest reputations in the entire state and they have their programs down to an exact science.
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    I started yesterday! so far everything is great!
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    I just graduated with my BSN from UTA accedemic partnerships in December and I recommend this program because it is affordable and has no clinicals. The research classes are a bit tough but the program as a whole is pretty good. I am now in the MSN program now and it is alot harder. Hoping to pass my first class.
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