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  1. US RN moving to London UK

    @DavidFR. Thanks so much for your insightful post. My reasons for moving from the US to the UK is so much of why you moved to France. Enjoy the experience! At first I thought about the living in London because of the same things you mention...
  2. US RN moving to London UK

    I concur! Money should not be the driving force in every decision that we make. I look forward to learning nursing outside of the US as well, and experience different cultures. There has been valuable feedback from people who has been or going throug...
  3. US RN moving to London UK

    I joined this thread because I feel that there is much to learn from people who share the same goal-desire to move overseas and seeking some direction to complete this process. I have received valuable information to assist me in fulfilling my dream....
  4. US RN moving to London UK

    Hello Nurses. I am so excited and motivated to hear about your experiences! I was invited to take my CBT and begin the application process. My experience is in postpartum and mental health, so I will be taking the CBT for mental health. I am a l...
  5. Hello! Has anyone transitioned from an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner from the US to the UK? Or there any international recruiting agencies who might have this information and recruit nurse practitioners from the U to UK? I would like to know t...
  6. I applied to USA a year ago and was turned down. I don't know anything about their program other than what I have read.
  7. At least USA assist students with a list of preceptors in different states. Some students have had to sit out a semester or two because of a lack of preceptors. I am planning to apply to USA fall 2015 or Spring 2016 for fall admission 2016 to pursue ...
  8. University of southern Indiana fnp program

    LLISMAR-just saw your post. I am taking advanced assessment and another class this summer. Just say I am CRAZZZYYYYY!!!!!
  9. University of southern Indiana fnp program

  10. University of southern Indiana fnp program

    llisamar, do you have any recommendations for Advanced Assessment? I have to take it in the summer with another class:crying2: Thanks! You can in box me, if possible.
  11. University of southern Indiana fnp program

    Hang in there..you can transfer up to 12 credits (I think)
  12. Hope you have experience in Psych before applying at USA.
  13. University of Southern Indiana

    Woks..Ok so I want to say I was lucky. No prior experience, .One observation I have in that each instructor seem to have different APA standards. Very reasonably priced.Hope that helps.
  14. University of southern Indiana fnp program

    I think another 1-1.5 month you should hear something.
  15. Which schools have Advanced Pharmacology Online?

    No proctored Exam, case studies-about 3-4. 3 exams, quizzes. You will work for the grade, especially pharm.Lol