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  1. Guest 11/08/18

    Dallas/Ft. Worth Winter 2017 Nurse Residencies

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone here interviewed for the Neuro ICU resident position for Parkland? I just interviewed with them this past Tuesday and was told the offers should be extended by today... any info about this would be greatly appreciated! Thankssss!
  2. Guest 11/08/18

    JPS Nurse Residency February 2017

    Hi, Yah JPS started the interview panels during the last week of October and I'm pretty sure they already started giving students the offers. Just wanted to let you know. Dang that sucks. Have you tried to contact Trish from JPS? Shes the recruiter coordinator for all of the RN Residency positions at JPS. Hope that helps! Good Luck!
  3. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here interviewed for the Neuro ICU position at Parkland? I just had my interview with them today and really hope I manage to get one of the spots.
  4. Guest 11/08/18

    Parkland ER Residency Feb 2017

    Hey guys! Has anyone interviewed for the Neuro ICU position at Parkland?
  5. Guest 11/08/18

    Medical City Dallas - October 2016 GN/RN Internships

    Hey! I was wondering what kind of interview questions were asked during the webcam interview? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Hi guys, Congrats on getting all the job offers and interviews from UTSW! I never got an email invite or anything and was wondering if anyone has the UTSW recruiter's email address so I can ask them about my application? I just need closure and wanted some feedbacks to see how I'm able to fix any flaws. I have an interview for Parkland on Tuesday for the Neuro ICU/PCU which Im starting to get nervous about. Please let me know if anyone has gone through the interview process with Parkland for the MICU or Neuro ICU/PCU...any information would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Congrats! Did they email you or call you? I havent heard from them at all. lol Im trying to keep my hopes up!
  8. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    oh really? I thought UTSW was making phone calls instead of emailing.... anyways let me know if anyone has heard from them!
  9. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    For UTSW, the recruiter emailed me early this morning and said that they will be making phone calls for the next couple of days to schedule interviews..... It makes me so nervous. I'll definitely let you know if anyone contacts me but as of right now... no phone call yet!
  10. Guest 11/08/18

    Feb 2017 GN Internships in Dallas

    Hey yall, I have also applied to THR Dallas, UTSW, Methodist, and Baylor. I applied for the critical care track at UTSW and recieved an email yesterday that they have just selected the candidates for interviews. The nurse manager told me that there were 106 applicants and 40 will be selected for interviews and there are ONLY 8 SPOTS. That made me really nervous lol. I havent really heard any information from the other facilities. What positions did ya'll apply for?
  11. Guest 11/08/18

    Advice needed for NP school in 2016

    Hi everyone, I have a question for anyone who is currently in a Texas NP Program (acute care or family) and DEFINITELY need HONEST advice as well. I will be graduating from West Coast University next year in June of 2016 with my BSN and I am currently doing research to further continue my degree in Nursing. I was wondering what my chances are for being accepted into a NP program considering that I will be graduating from a private nursing school. My current GPA is a 3.35 on a 4.0 scale (GPA is based on my undergraduate nursing courses ONLY). I was wondering what NP schools in Texas are good and how high my chances are for being admitted into the program? Also, I was wondering if anyone could share their GPA and ect that have already been admitted into a Program? I would greatly appreciate ANY advice or opinions in order to better assist me to continue looking into a Masters Degree for NP. Thank you!!!!
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone or someone one knows that has been kicked out of the UT Arlington academic partnership online nursing program? I heard this program was extremely vigorour and difficult due to the amount of courseworkbeing given. I am interested in applying to the program but am a little scared. What would happen if one does fail a nursing program? I've always been wondering what would happen to them after being expelled. Any information being provided would be greatly appreciated. -Kat
  13. Guest 11/08/18

    Direct Entry MSN Programs in Texas?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide me any information about any "Direct Entry MSN Programs (Non-nursing degree)" near Texas and how difficult it is to be accepted into the program. Is there any special afilliated programs out there in which students applying have a better advantage? ANY information about the direct entry MSN programs would be extremely helpful to me in order to make a decision about my future. Thank you, Kat
  14. Hi all, I just recently stumbled upon my post regarding the UT at Arlington AP BSN Program which I just started January of 2011. I was wondering if had any helpful tips or advice regarding any of the JR1 Courses that I am currently taking. I am struggling with being able to keep up with the assignments and my exam grade averages are around a 75%. I probably spend 10-11 hours every single day, except during clinicals, studying and working on the assignments. The Assessment, Foundations, & Health Promotion Exams are quite hard and my high level of frustration regarding not being able to keep up and do well. Any good study tips or advice would be very appreciated. Please email me back at your convenience- katina.dinh@mavs.uta.edu . I am constantly checking my UTA email so hopefully Ill hear from you soon! Sincerely, Kat:nurse:
  15. Guest 11/08/18

    UTA AP BSN Program Spring 2011 Hopefuls

    Thank you everyone once again for helping me out! Has anyone thats been admitted into the AP BSN Program for the Spring of 2011 started their orientation modules yet?! I have absolutely no idea where to even begin... my acceptance letter says that clinical orientation will be made available starting on dec. 1st, 2010 via go-course. Go-course??? WHERE DO I EVEN FIND THAT?! Any information would be greatly appreciated! thanks again and congrats to all! kat
  16. Guest 11/08/18

    UTA Academic Partnership with Baylor Hospital System

    Hi guys, I've applied for the AP BSN Program at UTA as a THR dependent and wanted to know for those who got into the program.... your GPA's? Did u retake any courses? In the past, I've had to retake some of the pre-requisite courses to improve my grade. Does the admission committee take the highest grade of the two for one course? Or do they average it together? How many Nursing pre-requisite courses are we allowed to retake without being counted against?