UTA online FNP ! Yay!

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    So I checked the academic partnership website and they now have an FNP online program through UTA. I was so excited that I now have the option to complete a MSN/FNP at UTA. Has anyone else considered this? The price tag was a little over $33,000 for 24 months. Sounds steep but can't imagine there isn't any graduate grants available.
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    Are you sure this is correct? I spoke with an graduate advisor about six weeks ago and was told the FNP would only be offer on campus...however education and administrator tract will remain online option.
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    It is under " Online Programs" ? Maybe someone made a mistake?
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    This sure does imply an online option is available. I will contact them again with this info...I will keep you posted.
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    Interesting, it's definitely listed under "Online Nursing Programs". I'm curious also to know if this is correct....
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    Yes it is correct. It begins this summer or in the fall.
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    Glad to see them start a FNP online program. They must be closed for the holidays though because no one in admissions has responded to emails or is answering the phone.
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    Yes! I called again today and was able to finally get through! No one has called me back or responded!
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    I found out that it starts in February and as of right now it is only available to residents of texas.
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    Say it ain't so. I would love to do their program. I went to graduation and it was great. I totally enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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