You Don't Belong Here (a nursing ghost story) - page 2

The ringing phone cuts through a restless slumber. I had been having strange, distressing dreams—the kind where you wake up without remembering specifics, but you just know you were having a nightmare. I shoot up at the shrill... Read More

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    Brian, the site owner, liked it so much, he has featured on the the allnurses Nurses Rock facebook page and even added a picture.
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    Yet another reason not to take on an assignment...ROFL. Very awesome story. Thank you so much!
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    my God, that was creepy! I can just imagine how they looked. :shudders:
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    Now THAT'S a scary story.
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    I got chills!
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    Loved the story but I don't know why the ghosts would want to hurt her! Especially a nurse
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    Amazingly well-written and absolutely horrifying story! You are so talented!
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    Wow!!! Pretty freaky!
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    Awesome! I loved it!
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    I totally love this story!!! So so creepy. Please write more!
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