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Hi, I'm interested in looking for a travel assignment in the San Fran Bay area. Wondering if anyone has recommendations/info on hospitals, pay, housing, and agencies. Any advice is appreciated and... Read More

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    Are you OR? My original interview (pre-American Mobile) was a conference call with three managers. It was not difficult. Remember that they have already reviewed your credentials and want you. Confidence is all you really need. If you really want to sell it, you can mention that you are interested in becoming staff and want to have the free trial first!

    Palo Alto and all the surrounding communities are super expensive. I would take agency supplied housing if you are bringing your family.

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    How was Vacaville? I'm 24 and that's one of the places i was looking into, do you think it would be suitable for someone my age? Or is it more rural and homey

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