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Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and I wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the... Read More

  1. by   gcc00
    Great info. I had heard the 3 day thing before, I am hoping it is still the case. I think the garage you are using would be my best bet, although I got some info about a shuttle from the Woodlands that drops off at the building. Thanks again!
  2. by   Kimbers2882
    I got my acceptance last week. Checking off my to-do list daily!
  3. by   oceanise
    Quote from Kimbers2882
    I got my acceptance last week. Checking off my to-do list daily!
    Congrats, glad to see you were accepted!
  4. by   Kimbers2882
    Thanks!! I'm very excited!!
  5. by   UTHSC_Bound
    For all you current Spring 2013 students...is there a scrubs color requirement?
  6. by   Kimbers2882
    Quote from UTHSC_Bound
    For all you current Spring 2013 students...is there a scrubs color requirement?
    Good question... Or are scrubs included in our tuition?
  7. by   UTHSC_Bound
    Quote from Kimbers2882
    Good question... Or are scrubs included in our tuition?
    I found reference in 2008 that there was a package offered which included scrubs, stethoscope, shoes, penlight, scissors and maybe some other stuff.....but that it was a better idea to buy the individual things on your own.

    I also saw reference back in 2008 that the required scrubs color WAS navy, just wondering if that still stands as the online bookstore sells a lot more colors than that, and I prefer something different if I could...

  8. by   oceanise
    They have to be navy blue. Some brands label the color as indigo (I know Grey's anatomy does at least). Shoes are white. They're not really strict about shoes, just as long as they're mostly white, and sneakers are fine. I didn't buy my supplies from the bookstore except for name tags (you can just order these at orientation) and the UTHealth patches that you have to sew to your scrubs. The bookstore does sell scrubs w/the patches already sewn on if you prefer that and if they carry your size. I'd recommend buying your stethoscope online because it's cheaper and some sites will engrave it for free.
  9. by   UTHSC_Bound
    and speaking of stethoscopes...are there requirements or restrictions there? Do you have to have a double sided with a bell or can you have a single sided one?

    Thanks for the help.
  10. by   oceanise
    I'm not sure if there's any restrictions. I'd just get the double sided. Most people seem to have either a Littmann classic II SE or classic II lightweight (both are fine depending on how much money you want to spend... I have the lightweight because it's cheaper/not as heavy). I wouldn't bother w/anything more expensive than those ones. We have to spend way too much on books/supplies/uniforms as it is.
  11. by   meganelaine93
    Hi all,
    I am applying for the spring 2014 BSN for UTHSC and started my own thread. There hasn't been much activity on it yet, but I'm sure there will be whenever it gets closer to deadline. I've been searching yalls thread and just wanted to know if I could get everyone's GPA's that got accepted or wait listed. I've been going from page to page trying to collect everyone's GPA but I can't seem to fine everyone's. I'd love to have something to compare to during this upcoming year! It would be much appreciated!
  12. by   ymoore1
    I got my acceptance email yesterday for Summer 2013. I am tore however because I was accepted to another school as well. Not sure which one to go with. So I am reaching out to others already in the program to see what the major differences would be. To ppl already in UT accelerated program what is the schedule like? How many days a week and hours we would have to be on campus? What is UT curriculum like is it crammed in and impossible to keep up? Also how are the professors are willingness to extend themselves to the students in helping them succeed? I guess the support system is what I am referring to. Do current students feel they are on their own after class to grasp the material? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. by   ymoore1
    Hi Oceanise

    Thank you for any information you can provide.. You have been very resourceful on this board. I have been accepted to Summer 2013 BSN. I have a few questions as well. Do they give you a complete list of what books, supplies, and uniforms (for the entire program)are with total costs? If so can you give a round about figure of what the total cost is for all of these things? Can you give some insight on the scheduling how many days we have to be on campus and how many hours each day? And the same for clinicals. Also can you give insight on the workload of course work? Is it over kill or or is it manageable? Any information would be awesome appreciate you in advance. Keta