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While I'm part of the discussion forum for the UTHSC-Houston fall 2013, I couldn't see any discussion forum for the summer 2013 entry that I decided to create a new thread. I have applied both for the summer and fall, 2013 at... Read More

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    I applied back in November for the summer program and its been so nerve racking! I'm applying to five schools because I keep hearing how competitive the application process is, so I'm paranoid I won't get in anywhere, an I'm in a time crunch! - basically if it was affordable and had an accelerated program then I applied. (yeah, only five universities in all of TX met this criteria)

    I haven't heard anything since the initial confirmation that they received the application and the access info for myUTH - despite emailing lots questions to any and all email addresses listed on their website. I guess to get answers you have to call?? From what I've read here, when the status online says "initiated" it means that they receive it, but haven't looked at it? I took the hesi back in October under their school code, so I didn't have to send them the scores myself. I took A&P II, Micro, stats, nutrition and medical terminology in the fall, so I sent them an updated transcript after grades were posted, but my stupid school just sent it this week - with so many prereqs I hope they get it and actually look at it.
    Comparing my transcript to their online list of Prereqs I think I'm good. It just says six hours of english comp -- I took english I and technical writing for my BA, so that should be okay. I'm enrolled in texas government this spring (but it ends may 12th, when would classes start??). The only thing I'm worried about is the intro to sociology class - I haven't taken any soc classes but my degree is in Anthropology – and they’re so similar!!

    I don’t know exact GPAs because I haven’t calculated them, but when I finished my BA I had like a 3.3.

    I’ve taken 30 hours of prereqs at lonestar last summer/fall – including A&PI/II, psych, micro, stats, etc and got all A’s and one B.

    I got a 96 on the hesi.

    It majorly sucks if it still won’t be until march/april to hear something! I’m also applying to UTMB and have an interview next week. I hear that they get back to you 2-4 weeks after the interview. I Just want to get a “You’re in!” from one school! Then I can relax….

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    I was on the waiting list for spring 2013, but they called and accepted me the Summer semester
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    Quote from aggie23
    Kimbers2882 Nope, I applied for the summer program. I just applied really early cause I had already taken the HESI and figured I might as well submit my application soon. I would give them a call if you still haven't got an eval.
    Interesting.... I sent my app in back in late Aug and my HESI score in Sept. I haven't heard anything and my status shows incomplete... I'm guessing that's because I'm taking my last 2 prerequisites this spring.

    Did they call you or email with your acceptance?? I haven't had a transcript eval yet either... This is all starting to make me nervous, especially knowing people who submitted early are starting to get their acceptance.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    I'm taking my last 2 prereqs right now as well, but my status says complete. You should call them if you haven't received an evaluation yet, because I got mine by mail about 3 weeks after I submitted my application.

    Do you know when they will let us know if we're accepted?? I got an acceptance letter from another school but I really want to go to UTHSC-Houston.
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    So I emailed them and was told "All applicants will be notified if they are accepted or denied from the program by mail on April 15, 2013". I hope this means by April 15 since it seems like people have already been accepted.
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    I just received an e-mail from UTHSC to log on and check the status of my application. And I'm accepted!! I didn't think I would hear so early. I submitted my application 9/18/12. Good luck to everyone else!!
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    I just logged on today and saw that I was accepted!!! WAS NOT EXPECTING TO HEAR SO SOON!!! It totally shocked me to see the "accept/decline" button! I submitted my application in September, but didn't take my HESI until Nov. 20. Has someone set up a facebook page for accepted BACC2 students for Summer 2013? Good luck to those of you still waiting - Hope to see you there!

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    Congrats to everyone who's heard back! Had you already finished all of your prereqs by the time you applied? The only class I have left this semester is philosophy....
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    Congrats ladies/gents!

    Could you please share your stats? Thanks
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    Quote from RNtemi
    Congrats ladies/gents!

    Could you please share your stats? Thanks
    nursing prereqs - 3.83
    science - 3.67
    overall undergraduate (2 years at Baylor, BA from UTSA) - 3.76
    Hesi of 95.4% and an 860 critical thinking.

    I still have two classes outstanding. I'm taking Microbiology and Statistics this semester.

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