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    Can anyone give me any advice on this TPAPN program. It cost a lot of money, yet TPAPN informs me, I cannot return to nursing until they say so. The drug test are expensive, plus the initial cost of joining. I do understand this program is designed for nurses to keep their license, but I find it difficult to obtain employment with a Felony conviction, and now enrolled in this TPAPN program!

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    Check out the Texas Nurses Forum or do a search of this site. TPAPN has been the subject of several good threads here at Allnurses. The Rehabilitation Nursing Forum is for nurses who work on a physical rehab floor, but not nurses who are themselves in rehab from substance abuse.
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    honestly, it depends on why you are refered to tpapn. if it is something dumb....get a lawyer. that is what i should have done.
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    Texas is the only state that offers the TPAPN program. You might want to visit the Texas Nurses Forum and post this question over there.
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    Moved to Texas forum as Texas is the only state that has this plan.
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    to the original poster, you just have to do everything tpapn wants and get cleared to return to work. how long it will take is hard to say without knowing the details of your case. i am also enrolled in tpapn, relapsed two months ago and have had to restart the program. i am cleared to return to work but am also having a hard time finding a job after getting fired for the relapse. so i can just imagine your difficulty with a felony conviction.
    number one, get the paperwork turned in, get evaluated by an lcdc, addictionologist, or liscenced therapist, start treatment, do the 90 meetings in 90 days, order the drug testing forms. it is a lot of stress and finance in the beginning but it does get easier.
    just remember, tpapn is about protecting the public and getting you treatment. everything else (job, family, etc) comes second. send me pm if you have any questions or want to talk....

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    So, what did you do? Did you fight it? Did you do TPAPN. I see this questions about TPAPN, but never see an update, or what someone did. I too am in a simular situation and wanted to know. Please let me know.
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    I have partnered with several nurses on TPAPN. This was in LTC but they were not allowed to have the Narc keys and needed to partner with another nurse so the narcs could be passed. This worked out well and they eventually got off the program. So I know there is hope ..don't give up.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm new to the site and still don't really get how to get around. I know that every place is different, but I'd like to know TPAPN "friendly" places in the Houston area. I have a lot on my plate right now and rejection isn't what I need. It's only for two years.... actually almost have three months down, so 21 months and a few days until this nightmare is over for me. I'm looking at finding getting my stuff together and getting it right and being a better person down the road. I actually had an interview today. Just don't know who to disclose TPAPN information to, and the right time. Don't want to be the first thing out of my mouth and not wait for an offer then throw it on the table. Probably wouldn't work either.

    Good luck with your baby! I have four boys myself, and can't imagine the another two with that. The laundry alone would put me over the edge!

    Thanks again!
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    i graduated lvn prog. aug06. just found out i hav 2 join tpapn if i even want 2 take the nclex. been clean/sober for 3yrs. now hav 2 start going 2 meetgs again? this really stinks. on top of evrythg just got hurt on job & on narc...afraid of what theyr gonna say bout that. n so much pain w- this injury theres noway could go w-out meds right now. so may hav 2 put off testg & joing tpapn til back injury bettr! scared cuz need to wrk...was so xcitd bout graduatg & getg not sure what God is doing!

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