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GIJay has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER, IR, Endoscopy.

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  1. scrubs

    I am also 6'5" and weigh 285. I buy my scrubs at Nothing fancy, one shirt pocket and a pocket for my wallet. The 2xlt fit well and are made of a heavy material. 28.00/set -Jason
  2. Funny Sign In Slips

    A few days ago had this one....exactly what she wrote on the sign-in sheet... "I am 9 weeks pregnant and having virginal bleeding" -jason
  3. I use craigslist quite a bit and people always have items 'for sell'. Also go to the post office a few times a week and when I use my card the clerk asks me every time ' is that credik or debit'. She is such a nice lady but that drives me nuts. :) -...
  4. Tpapn

    I sent you a pm. Don't get discouraged about rejection because it is going to happen. I went on many interviews before i got hired. Most of them went great until I mentioned 'TPAPN' then it was 'we'll let you know' only to never hear from them des...
  5. ED Job Interview - any advice?

    I have been interviewing quite a bit the past few months and have noticed most interviewers read from the same book. Nearly every place asks: What are your strengths?, What are your weaknesses or things you consider 'works in progress'? Why did yo...
  6. Houston, Texas Bound

    Depending on traffic, +-45 minutes. There are 2 hospitals in or near Kingwood. Kingwood hosp, and Northeast ( for astnm: I don't know what website you are using but try if you haven't already
  7. New Grad-friendly Hospitals in S. TX?

    I don't think you will have a problem finding a job in south Texas. I frequently see ads in Nurseweek literally begging nurses to come to Harlingen and McAllen. Some offering bonuses of up to 30,000, relocation assistance, etc. Being a new grad sh...
  8. Stories

    pm sent
  9. Tpapn

    to the original poster, you just have to do everything tpapn wants and get cleared to return to work. how long it will take is hard to say without knowing the details of your case. i am also enrolled in tpapn, relapsed two months ago and have had t...
  10. Interview tomorrow~~Need HELP!

    I had an interview last week and here is one that caught me off guard: Tell me about a time you witnessed someone do something unethical or dishonest, what did you do?
  11. Houston

    I agree with Jaky, it all depends if you like to commute in traffic, or want to live and work in the suburbs. There are many hospitals in the burbs - The Woodlands has several, Cy-Fair/1960 has several, Sugarland, Clear Lake, Conroe, etc. Where are y...
  12. Relocating to Houston

    There are tons of hospitals in the Houston and surrounding areas. Try going to and see all the opportunities. It really depends where you want to live. The downtown 'Medical Center' hospitals tend to pay better but there is a higher co...
  13. Interview with Davita!

    Just curious what to expect. I want to change specialties and get in to HD and am wondering if most nurses get hired without experience. Thanks for any information you have. regards, jason
  14. gowns

    New gowns for every case.
  15. Lithotripsy gone bad?

    Did they give you anything for sedation? When i worked in OP surgery we did litho's 2 days a week and i never heard of anyone not be able to tolerate the procedure. They were all done under conscious sedation. I would write a complaint to the admi...