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GN positions posted earlier this week. Has anyone heard anything yet???... Read More

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    Quote from blueorchid981
    Those who got interviews would you mind sharing your GPA??
    3.968 and damn proud
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    I received two offers, and am thrilled to be joining the Oncology Unit at HEB! I can't wait for July 22nd to be here!!

    Wishing the rest of you lots of luck during this stressful process!
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    Anyone heard from THR Plano or Dallas?
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    My GPA is 3.49
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    Yea Dreamer!! Congrats
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    Quote from Ktb228
    Anyone heard from THR Plano or Dallas?
    Not a thing. So far only Ft. Worth and HEB.
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    Had the panel interview for my dream job at HEB. I felt it went well but apparently not enough as I didn't get it. I'm a bit heartbroken. Back to square one...
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    Any 2014 applicants?
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    Hey Ronnie, I applied. I haven't heard anything yet.
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    I am not yet in nursing school. Do they cover what makes a competitive candidate for residency programs? Does THR accept ADNs enrolled in a BSN program?

    Good luck y'all!

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