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  1. That's AWESOME!! I applied for it, but in order to proceed I'd have to give up the offer I've already accepted. Too risky
  2. For one, the same day. I never heard anything on the others
  3. I know for my position at Alliance I was told by both the recruiter and the mgr that it will depend on the unit needs once I'm off orientation
  4. Yes alliance and heb
  5. I applied for ICU/L&D/O.R at Alliance/HEB/Arlington/FTW. I've had a couple of interviews last week. From what I understand is I should know something at the very latest this coming Tues. So, I will definitely share any information I get with you all.
  6. I've recieved a couple of interview request so far, but was told critical care interviews may be slightly delayed do to managers still being overwhelmed with covid. What units/entities did you apply to? Best wishes!
  7. Nurseroxieo

    ICU Residency ; How I got let go.

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing! I am about to graduate...my DREAM job is to a Neonatal ICU nurse. But unfortunately, there aren't any opportunities in my area. My options are L&D and ICU (maybe). But I have to admit...your testimony is my biggest fear! What if I'm not smart enough!?
  8. Nurseroxieo

    Labor & Delivery Interview (New Grad)

    I have one this week! EEEEK!
  9. Hey fellow new nurses!! I wanted to start a thread for those that have recently applied to the THR Oct 2020 cohort! I applied for several positions throughout the FTW/HEB/AMH/Alliance entities! How about you? Have you received any interview invites?
  10. Nurseroxieo

    Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    This is soooo good to hear!! I really want to go into the OR...but I will be 43 when I graduate with my BSN...my age has been a definite concern for me
  11. Nurseroxieo

    Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    I'm in nursing school...and torn between L&D and OR...Any tips on choosing?

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