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    I (I am female...the "mrboast" is my husband who showed me how to set this up!) have had an awful experience with the board of nursing...I know they are there for the patients, but they are less than polite when talking to me. Here's the deal: I've been working as an RN in Arkansas for 5 years, recently moved to Texas and am trying to get the license transferred over to Texas. Arkansas gave me 90 days to practice on theirs, but that time is over. I was working in Dallas on my Arkansas RN license for the time being, but now am not due to not having a license in either place now.

    Texas has already completed a background check (DUI 7 years ago before I became a nurse, Arkansas knew about this obviously, my employer in Dallas does too) and found the one incident...the lady at the Board said "there is nothing else I can do but give it to my supervisor who approves these"..."and it will go on the bottom of his stack".. I begged and begged her to expedite the process as I am the only income in our family right now, but she couldn't have cared less. It has been 3 weeks now and daily checking of the website still shows no license # for me. My employer (big, highly respected) even contacted them to see if there is anything they could do, but there isn't. Something about this just seems highly inefficient. The Board lady has told me everything is complete except the approval "yay" or "nay". First she tells me the approval guy is real busy, the next week she tells me he's traveling...How long is this going to take!? (She told me with it being just 1 incident, this guy is able to approve). Is it worth me trying to find his number or email and begging him. I can not sleep at night and cry about this! What can I do!?

    I have only, in the last couple weeks submitted my $200 (just forgot about it), so with that included, everything has been in place for a couple weeks...the background check was finished several months ago.
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    When I endorsed my California license into Texas, the process took about 6 weeks before I received my permanent Texas licensure.

    However, you've got a DUI on your record from the distant past, and the Texas BON does not look kindly upon DUIs. The likelihood is very high that they will place you on TPAPN (Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses) and treat you as if you have alcoholism. I know of another nurse who moved here from out of the state in 2007. This person had a DUI from 1991 and was still placed on TPAPN for a term of 2 years.
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    I would be very careful if I were you about bugging them or being a thorn in their side, you certainly don't want to tick them off. Be very respectful and try to be patient throughout this process.

    Did you start this process before you left Arkansas? You have to remember, Texas is a very large state and I'm sure you're not on their top list of priorities. Before I started nursing school, I had to petition the board due to a misdeamenor from many years ago, there was a lot of paper work involved but once I got every thing sent to them, it only took 2-3 months.

    Sorry for your situation, but please don't beg, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.
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    Renew your AR license at least you will have a valid license from somewhere.
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    Did you get your license yet? I hope so! Good luck!
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    I had to declare a past offense to the board before I was approved to be licensed after school. It took about 2 months.
    I am moving to AZ this spring and I plan on starting the process at least 6 weeks before moving so I can be assured I have all the right stuff in place by the time I get there.
    The BON is not there to help us, obviously. They are there to make sure we are legal and safe for the protection of patients. Frustrating but true. You just have to be patent.
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    Compared to other states, Texas board of Nursing is really slow, where as other states like Massachussets is really quick and easy to work with. May be because board of nursing activities of Mass are contracted to a different firm, which is very efficient. Texas board is not only slow, they dont keep track of documents we sent, they tend to loose them. Does anybody know how the board gets elected? Who choose these people? We are in Democratic Country, The Board is there because we are there as nurses, they are not above us but they are for us. Please anybody knows how these board is formed, I tried to google couldnt find appropriate information.
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    They are NOT for us. They are for and serve the public. Never make the mistake of thinking the BON is supposed to be a nursing advocate.
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    Quote from jasy
    Compared to other states, Texas board of Nursing is really slow, where as other states like Massachussets is really quick and easy to work with.
    The Texas BON might be slow because it is the second-most populated state in the union and governs the practice of many, many more nurses than the Massachusetts BON.

    Other very populated states have BON issues, too. I've dealt with the California Board of Registered Nursing, and they are slow and inefficient, although California is the most populated state and governs the practice of masses of nurses.
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    No wonder California board got fired by the Governor. I hope somebody reform Texas board, I agree Massachusetts is small compared to Texas, but Mass is much quicker? Texas takes 8 weeks and Massachusetts takes only a 2 days or , How much ever smaller the state is there is a huge difference in efficiency. 1-2 days compared to 8 weeks thats just gigantic difference. every year 10 millions dollars are spent on the board of nursing apart from License fees, unless its jail system I dont see why cant it be nicer to their patrons?

    I am asking you the same question again? do you know how these board members are selected and who governs this board?

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