Texas ADN pay

  1. How much should a new ADN expect to make in the ICU? What are the highest paying departments in a hospital setting for a new ADN?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    A new grad RN in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can expect to earn between $21.50 and $24.00 at most of the major hospitals. I believe that the pay in Houston is slightly higher, and the salaries in San Antonio and Austin are slightly lower.
  4. by   MissBrahmsRN
    i live in austin and the salary at Seton for a new grad is 21.88 St Davids is about a dollar more.
  5. by   KitaAz
    I am a new grad
    and I make 23.50 at Scott and White an hour north of Austin.
  6. by   PurpleLVN
    I'm in shock!!! I'm an LVN in Dallas and I make $23.00 an hour. Currently taking prereq's for an ADN course but now I may reconsider.....But I do realize I have a lot of factors that play a major part as well. Good luck!!!
  7. by   TeleNurse2010
    PurpleLVN, do you make that much as a new grad, or do you have years of experience??

    Never mind, I see that you have 7 years experience, so I guess that plays a part in your salary. $23 for a new grad is pretty good. Perhaps you'll make more than that once you get your RN.
  8. by   PurpleLVN
    Honestly, I'm not dissing any pay rates for any nurses. I guess- I must realize that just because an RN position states $40.00 hr doesn't mean it applies to a new graduate and I'm sure ADN and BSN can also make a difference as well. I just hope my experience as an LVN can up my chances for a better salary.
  9. by   MissBrahmsRN
    in my nursing school clinicals i worked with several BSNs and they make the same pay at Seton as the ADNs.
  10. by   AdrianLU
    ADN's and BSN's make the same pay. The degree only matters when applying to certain hospitals in certain cities. In Houston's Med. center RN positions are harder to come by with an ADN but it you are hired you will get the same pay as a BSN. Most RN's at make the same pay based on experience. Some hospitals offer differentials for critical care or other specialty hospitals. It is also possible to make more by working shifts other than day shift. Here in Houston new grad RN's in the med. center are starting around $26/hr give or take 50 to 75 cents in either direction as the base pay.
  11. by   sbyramRN
    I work in Houston in the Medical Center, and ADN's and BSN's make the same.
  12. by   Ray66
    My ex-wife has ADN and has been working as a nurse for 3 years; nights and weekends only she is at thirty one dollars and hours, not that I see any of it, she just keeps me informed of her pay to keep me motivated while I am in nursing school.
  13. by   rdnkmommy
    I graduated in May making $21.75/hr. I am one of the lowest paid new grads I know here in Dallas. At my hospital, there is no difference in ADN or BSN pay.
  14. by   RNQueen
    Does anyone know how much a new ADN expect in Texas Children's, Woman's or Children's Memorial Hermann? I can only do NICU or PICU.