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    Hi everyone! I am just starting a career as an LPN, and was told by my fiance's mother that in Texas, hospitals are so much in demand for nurses that some are offering $50,000 sign on bonuses. Is this true? If so, does this just apply to just RN's or to LPN's as well? Any information that you could provide would be very helpfull. Thank you!

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    I haven't personally came across a $50,000 sign on either, but I have heard of it. Anyone else know of any? I thought $10,000 was a large sum. I guess I was mistaken. But, I would DEFINATELY worry about a place that is offering $50,000. How long is the commitment? What is the reason for paying so much? How is the staffing? How are nurses treated? DO they work mandatory OT? Just seems fishy to me.
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    In one of my nursing magizine's I saw a ad for Abliene Texas. The job was for RN's with a $18,000 sign on bonus. I thought that was huge! $50,000 - WOW!
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    A year or two ago I saw $50,000 sign on bonuses in the Houston area. I also heard that you would be crazy to work at some of those places. Who knows...
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    Hospitals in Dallas are offering $5000-8000 sign-on bonuses for experienced Rn's. I have never seen anything like a $50,000 sign-on bonus. Perhaps a hospial in an rural area that needed a nurse with years of experience in a very specialized area would be offering that type of bonsus. In Dallas-Fort Worth, I don't think new LVN's are getting any sign-on bonus.
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    Like the wind...............

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    In central Illlinois - we had one position heavily advertised for $10,000 sign-on bonus but like someone else said - it was very, very specialized.
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    for a 50,000 dollar bonus I would make it work. I do love money, I sing for money.
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    Quote from teeituptom
    for a 50,000 dollar bonus I would make it work. I do love money, I sing for money.
    LOL, Tom, you are too funny.
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    Yeah, like in "When Harry Met Sally," I want some of what he's having.....


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