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Hi Everyone :) Just wanted to start a thread for everyone that's applied to the Navarro College ADN-RN program starting Fall 2012. Figured we needed a place to post, ask each other questions etc. while waiting on our... Read More

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    Congrats Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's no words for how relieving this is!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you guys for your support!!!!!!!!

    Shalynn, post as soon as you get it! :spin:
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    I have yet to receive an e-mail Guess we will see tomorrow
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    Shalynn- I'm sure you will get the "congrats" email tomorrow!! We basically had the same score... keep us posted!!
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    Congratulations everyone!!!Shalynn- good luck! Things look to be on your side for acceptance!Have you guys paid for the kit/drug screen/etc?Also, did anyone get an email back after accepting the offer?
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    Caterific- I paid for my kit and drug screen registration. I didn't get an email reply after I accepted the offer. When/where are y'all taking the CPR? I was gonna register for the one on May 19 in Corsicsna. Was thinking it would be kinda neat if we all took it together- just an idea though... Any suggestions?
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    I didn't get an email back either. I paid for my drug screen. My sister is a DON at her job and knows a guy that does the CPR class for a lil cheaper. She has to get hers renewed in May too and is gna see if he can do it at her job.
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    Yeah, I haven't heard back since I sent the mail. I got my ID today for the program at the Waxahachie campus (where I currently attend).

    I'll look into CPR on May 19 in Corsicana. That is a good time to do it because it has to be good through May 2014.
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    Well everyone, I am an active alternate:icon_roll A least I MAY get in I suppose. I just spoke with ***** and she said 60 people got in this year and their are 20 on the alternate list. She could for obvious reasons not disclose where I am at on the alternate list. Anyway, hopefully I will some of you August 1st!!! Good luck to each of you!! I will each of you the VERY best
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    You MUST be near the top because we only had a one point difference. Keep positive see you at orientation! Are you gonna take the CPR just in case??
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    Shalyn I am sure we will see you in august. Be sure to prepare so when the time comes you'll be ready.
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