Memorial Hermann GN Internship

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    I applied to the Memorial Hermann GN Internship for Spring 2010. I was wondering if anyone has gotten an interview or at least an email confirmation that they received you application. I faxed mine in and I have not received a confirmation email yet.I wish you could apply to all of the facilities. I applied to the Katy and Woodlands sites.

    Also the application had a troubling line in it.
    "Your packet will be reviewed by the facilities you listed if they have a need for interns." I added the italics for emphasis
    Looking back I should have called and made sure the two facilities I indicated were hiring. Do they do this (allow you to apply to facilities not hiring) as a way of eliminating applications? Any info anyone has about the internship would be great. Also I live out of state. Would I do a phone interview or fly there?

    Thanks in advance

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    I too have not gotten a confirmation email for my application. I tried calling corporate cause thats what someone told me to do but i keep getting voicemails and leaving messages..but no one replied. I ended up putting "all facilities" on my application because of that reason you said. I called the hospitals and no one knew yet what area they were hiring for so hopefully they dont eliminate me cause I am flexible!
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    i have the same problem. it's good to hear i am not the only one. i desperately want this internship. i hope we will hear something soon. they could save themselves some of the phone calls if they would just confirm receipt of the applications. i wonder if they are all sitting in their offices with their phones going directly to voice mail?
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    i have no idea why but the time on my post is 5 hours ahead of the real time. my email is doing the same thing. i'll have to check that out.
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    Oh my goodness, I am so glad you posted this! I hadn't received a confirmation email either, so I sent them an email earlier this week, and I have yet to hear back. This makes me feel better, I guess. This waiting game is killing me.
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    I wonder why they havent sent us any confirmation when interviews were supposed to start on the makes me feel like im missing out but i dont know if anyone has had an interview yet
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    I haven't gotten a confirmation e-mail either; I had to resort to taking a new grad job in San Antonio-- it's my dream job, but I am married with 2 kids so we will have to move- or me commute. I hope we hear something soon! If anyone hears something would you mind letting us know???
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    Congrats on your new job! Do you mind if i ask at which hospital? Im in Houston and am still trying to find out which hospitals hire new grads. I would def. have to move though, but if its my dream job i would in a heartbeat!
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    Dramaangel- I was hired at Baptist in San Antonio. I just applied to the RN job openings in the specialty area I wanted (it didn't specifically say "new grad"on the listing, but they hire new grads) and they called me for a position. I just got an e-mail stating they were hiring at all 5 of their hospitals and to pass the word on. I think I may work three shifts back to back, stay with family, and then come home for 4 days and repeat. Anyways, they seem really nice, and I made sure the positions I applied for didnt state it required any experience. They seem to be very new grad friendly! Unlike Houston
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    I would recommend that you apply for all hospitals and then go visit the HR departments of the ones you are interested in and apply in person. The more effort you put in the more you will set yourself apart from the other applicants. If there is an event at the hospital that you can attend, do it! You will begin to create a network of contacts. A contact in the organization is the most important way to get in the door.

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