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  1. CPhT2RNstudent

    Crna job hours and call

    I think most of them are in academic setting where the residents take call. The down side is less autonomy, pay, and respect.
  2. CPhT2RNstudent

    Job In Grad School or Nah? - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 106

    I don't know about the other graduate programs since I haven't done them but if you are in CRNA school then don't get a job. It will likely only save you a few thousand and can endanger you ability to get through a rigorous program.
  3. CPhT2RNstudent

    Any SRNA's renew sigma theta tau membership??

    Nope. No point.
  4. CPhT2RNstudent

    Feedback needed from CRNA/SRNA

    Don't waste your time or money doing a different masters. Get into an ICU and do overtime rather than extra school. This will get you more experience and money for school. Study for your CCRN.
  5. CPhT2RNstudent

    No trauma or large hospital experience, what are my chances?

    How did it go?
  6. CPhT2RNstudent

    How do I choose a CRNA program right for me

    When will you apply?
  7. CPhT2RNstudent

    How old were you when you began?

    Started anesthesia school at 35.
  8. CPhT2RNstudent

    Did You Know You Wanted to Do Anesthesia Before...

    I am in anesthesia school now. It was my goal long before nursing. I learned about it working as a pharmacy technician in the OR.
  9. CPhT2RNstudent

    Best GRE book

    Kaplan review course.
  10. CPhT2RNstudent

    Arkansas State Spring 2015 Applicants?

    Did you call or email to verify your completed application made it to them?
  11. CPhT2RNstudent

    Withdrawal, reapplying, advice?

    I am a SRNA myself right now. Been the dream for about a decade now. I researched the heck out of it and I am glad to have been blessed to get in a school. If it is your dream make it happen.
  12. CPhT2RNstudent

    TX Wesleyan Clinical Sites

    Hi nurseaprilo. I am in Jonesboro AR in the Arkansas State University program. I will likely see you here.
  13. CPhT2RNstudent

    Withdrawal, reapplying, advice?

    Why did you drop? Why were there problems between you and your PD? I know you may not want to post this online (understandable) but it us hard for us to give advice without knowing. I would recommend calling schools, explaining what happened and see how they feel about it. You may have to call every school, but it shows initiative and may be worth it. As you know crna school is very competitive and you are not likely to find a program that will take you that is desirable (less attractive program that has a harder time recruiting might be your goal). Programs do not want a student who may drop, and even if you don't want to do that again they do not know you. All they have to go off of is that you previously dropped out and your previous PD won't recommend you. So call every school, shadow, and see if you can get good recommendations from CRNAs. Good luck.
  14. CPhT2RNstudent

    CRNA Hopeful: Should I stay in the Neuro ICU or move to the SICU?

    The only draw back is I have minimal swan experience. I think you are more likely to get on with SICU but if you interview well and have decent gpa, recommendations, etc you will get in whether your experience is neuro or some other ICU. I say stick with it (neuro) and apply.
  15. CPhT2RNstudent

    CRNA Hopeful: Should I stay in the Neuro ICU or move to the SICU?

    I am in CRNA school right now. I have 4 years of trauma I neuro. Having said that I am the only one in my class that was a neuro nurse. You should be fine.