1. I am taking the HESI test on the 28th and I was wondering if anyone who has taken this test has any info they can share with me. Such as, how are the questions per subject, and how did you prepare for it. I have been studying for all subjects on the exam, but any other info would be great! thanx
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    Mostly med/surg...and if you're just now starting to study, have fun with that. I used the NCLEX RN review that is sold on the HESI site.. the contributors for the test items at my school are the same contributors to that HESI book and it's published in Houston. Helped a TON as the example questions on the CD are very much like the real thing...but probably a little too late in the game to order it now! Good luck!
  4. by   smilesalot
    are you talking about the hesi admission test or the actual HESI taken before graduating from nursing school?
  5. by   clac2009
    If you are asking about the math, grammar and reading comprehension HESI that you have to take before applying to clinicals.....I took the HESI at Montgomery College in January - I was accepted to clinicals at North Harris College to start in August. (YEA!!) Anyway, I bought the HESI Admission Assessment to use as a study guide, mainly b/c I wanted to brush up on my math. I'm 34 and it had been a while for me in the math department. It was a great review. If you are rusty in math, I would suggest you use the study guide. As far as the grammar and reading comprehension, it really didn't help me that much. I scored well on the test, but would have bombed the math if it hadn't been for the study guide. Good luck to you!
  6. by   natthomas
    I took my test at Cy-Fair, the entrance test. The reading is the same like sat, act, just like any entrance test taken, the math was basic fraction, ratios, roman numbers, measurements, etc. The grammer was average nothing serious. The test is 3 hours. The reading was 45 or 48 questions. The math was little less, can't remeber exact # of questions. The grammer was the shortest. I finish the whole test for everything in 1 hour and 20. I don't recommend. I didn't have a watch to keep time. Bring a watch because no cells are allow. I pass anyway with great scores. Just give an example made a 92 in Math took test in 19 mins. I used the hesi review book. cost was 30.00 paid for rush delivery
  7. by   niteshiftlvn07
    I had to take the HESI EXAM at the end of the last semester of lvn program. my lvn program didnt require that we pass the HESI to graduate. the program director said they used the scores to predict if we could pass the nclex-pn. I didnt do well on the HESI(MAYBE IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT WE HAD FINAL EXAMS THE SAME WEEK AS THE HESI?) But I passed the NCLEX the very 1st time I took it(computer cut off at question 85!!!)
  8. by   atrice
    I have taken the hesi RN entrance exam and the first year mid RN program hesi. The entrance exam was very basic and simple. The hesi RN mid-program exam was tough.
  9. by   Kim O'Therapy
    HCC's HESI entrance exam really isn't bad. I would recommend reviewing some of your A&P. The math and everything else was fairly simple. Good luck!
  10. by   shopaholic42488
    was A&P hard???? how many questions were there? its so hard to study so many systems at once!
  11. by   LiLGTO
    For ya'll that have taken the HESI entrance exam to start the basic RN track. How difficult was the math portion of the exam? How complex were the algebra and geometry questions? I ask because I'm 44 years old and I took college algebra at North Harris back in 1986, so I probably need to do some serious brushing up. :uhoh21:
  12. by   LiLGTO
    I too am a 44 year old (male) that has decided to leave the corporate cut throat world to become an RN. So, I'll be taking the entrance exam about a year from now after I finish 5 prerequisite classes that I didn't need for my Associates degree way back in the stone ages at North Harris. I haven't thought about or looked at Algebra since the 80's so how difficult are the math questions for the pre entrance exam? Also, are the math questions more difficult at the end with the RN exam?
  13. by   wparkman
    hello, i am getting ready to take the hesi test. i bought the hesi book from hcc it is a green book. the question is should i study other materials with it.
  14. by   natthomas
    Congratz.....don't worry the test is not that bad...Bring a watch no cells allowed need to be able to pace yourself.....The hesi review is excellent....Good Luck.....