El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing Program Hopefules - page 7

Hello Nursing hopefules! I will be applying for the El Centro Nursing Progam for spring 2018. I wanted to know if anyone else is working on their applications and how far along. Here to provide and... Read More

  1. by   ava_logusta
    Way to go! I'm sure you'll get in! I'm taking 2 more BSN classes this summer but they won't be on record before the deadline.
  2. by   Marytovilla
    I turned in my application this Saturday eighth after I took the hesi again. I am applying with 38 points thru Methodist partnership. So nervous since they only 10 people each semester ifmnot I will go to El Centro. I also heard that next semeter they might raise the hesia2 score to 90. Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   Knfry
    Does anyone know if we'll have any type of correspondence with the school other than waiting for the October letter? As in....do they notify us that they have received and processed our packets?
  4. by   Marytovilla
    I don't think they do do. You only get the approval or denial letter