El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing Program Hopefules - page 15

Hello Nursing hopefules! I will be applying for the El Centro Nursing Progam for spring 2018. I wanted to know if anyone else is working on their applications and how far along. Here to provide and... Read More

  1. by   Nursenellabell
    Where did you read hat they extended it?
  2. by   02Melissa
    Yeah I can see that, the anatomy got me because there was only 30 questions!! But after taking the hesi 4 times, I memorized alot of the questions I had problems with.
  3. by   02Melissa
    The only extention/delay I know of was the one in sending out the notification letters... I dont know of an extention in the application period...
  4. by   krazymcv5
    Yeah the 80 on all sections is why I had to wait to apply! & You are right 2 people from my job applied and they didn't even have above 80s on all sections. Best wishes to everyone on here!
  5. by   Schenier90
    I swear I would go crazy without this group! I have to call them tomorrow to make sure they have my correct e-mail because I didn't receive an email.I feel like I am on a emotional roller coaster! lol Thanks to the person who posted the e-mail!
  6. by   Travis Neal
    Does anyone know what caused the delay?
  7. by   Nursenellabell
    They said something about the Dean was not ready... I think I saw someone post it earlier.
  8. by   02Melissa
    I'm just ready to know... I hope they dont flippin wait til the 31st... I'm going to lose my
  9. by   Travis Neal
    Yea, I read that the Dean was not ready but I didn't know if there was a reason behind that... Such as the number of applicants or something like that.
  10. by   Schenier90
    Anyone know the direct number to actually speak with someone about my email? I am getting voicemail only and idk when they check vm.
  11. by   WendyCatalan
    They close office at 12 on Fridays that's probably why u are getting voicemail
  12. by   02Melissa
    You would think they would have enough time, its been like 4 months...