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The deadline is the last Friday in March. From now on I going to open my options because I am now aware competition is pretty fierce for jobs; for some reason I just assumed a job was going to just appear and float down in my... Read More

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    Does anybody know if there is anyone we can contact to see if certain units have filled positions or started interviewing yet? Has anyone by any chance heard anything about NICU, Children's ED, or Children's Acute Care?

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    Let us know if you get any useful info from the contact I gave you!
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    I actually just got a reply back. Children's ED is full, 1 spot left in NICU, and Children's acute still has spots open.
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    Hi everyone! I just found this message board and I am so thankful because I am beyond nervous. I'm from out-of-state and am making the trip down to Temple, TX for an on-site interview at S&W the first week of December, for Acute Care/Med-Surg. Just wondering if they ask any nursing related questions such as what you would do if a pt experiences cardia arrest, etc. Also, for anyone who has already had the interview - were there any other questions that seemed out of the ordinary? Thanks in advance for all of your help!
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    Hey jbart15! What state are you from? I am from out of state as well (Connecticut) and had an interview on friday. I interviewed for Children's acute though. If your interview is anything like mine, my advice would be to try and relaxxx!!! I know this is very hard but I was nervous walking in there but it was not as scary as you are imagining it to be. The nurse manager who interviewed me was awesome and not intimidating! It felt like normal conversation! The questions were mostly about my goals, the clinical experience that I had etc etc. Take a deep breath and good will do great!!
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    When I went there was 5 of us and 3 people interviewing. They had us fill out a paper that asked questions like your weakness, strength, where do you want to be at in 5 years and other similar actual interview questions. The interview it self took 1 hour and we were asked why Scott & White, where do we see ourselves in 5 years, what floor and shift we want to work on, and our favorite color. It was very laid back. They also gave us time to ask questions.
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    I was also asked the "where do you see yourself in 5 years" question.
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    Hey everyone! I'm joining this party very late it looks like. Better late than never! I applied for a med/surg position yesterday and got called today to schedule a phone interview for next week. I'm a little nervous about it! I'm out of state so I'm really glad they are having me interview over the phone. Any advice in regards to what to expect during the phone interview would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone who still needs to interview good luck and those who have been offered positions congratulations!
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    Hey rnamelia! Thats awesome that they set up a phone interview with you! What state are you from? If your interview is anything like mine...just be prepared to discuss your clinical experiences and where you want to be in 5 years. Although I wasnt asked this, I had jotted down some strengths and weaknesses the night before so if I was asked what they were I had some ideas in the back of my head. Much easier than completely coming up with it on the spot I guess! My interview was for a different unit, and was in person so it will probably be a bit different but either way I wish you luck!
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    HI Katielady! Thanks for the helpful response! Have you heard back from them regarding your interview? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear good news. :-) I'm currently out in California.

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