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The deadline is the last Friday in March. From now on I going to open my options because I am now aware competition is pretty fierce for jobs; for some reason I just assumed a job was going to just... Read More

  1. by   aSpringChicken
    Hi bigblue75. I also got a verbal offer a few weeks ago and haven't heard from HR... I'm a little worried at this point because I have to move from across the country so I'm going to need time to actually get there. What floor will you be working on? Are you excited!?
  2. by   bigblue75
    Very excited..just worried as I have heard nothing.. I was offered the neuro floor.. can't wait to get started..what floor and hours are you working
  3. by   rnamelia
    Has anyone heard anything yet??!!!
  4. by   NurseChristine6
    Hey guys! Finally heard from HR this past Monday after getting a verbal offer from the manager weeks ago. It takes a while! I guess they're really busy with all the new hires, etc. Anywho, there are start dates every two weeks from what I understand. The next one available is Jan 28th, and before then you have to go to Employee Health for the physical, drug screen, and to submit paperwork to HR. The nurse recruiter was very nice and emails you a ton of information! Hope you all hear back soon too.
  5. by   bigblue75
    Are any of you planning on emailing or calling hr regarding start date..It has been weeks with no word for me. Nurse christine did they call or email u with start date?
  6. by   rnamelia
    I don't have the HR contact I need to speak with. It's been almost three weeks for me and I've yet to hear anything. Not sure what to do at this point. I guess just wait... if I get another job in the meantime I'm going to take it and I wont feel bad about it. This is getting kinda ridiculous and frustrating.
  7. by   bigblue75
    Did you ever hear anything Spring Chicken or rmalia
  8. by   rnamelia
    No, I haven't heard anything yet bigblue75. Have you?
  9. by   aSpringChicken
    Does anyone know if nurses are required to wear a certain color scrub? Bigblue75, I haven't heard anything yet but I did call the manager who gave me the verbal offer and was told not to worry they are very backed up in HR at the moment.
  10. by   NurseChristine6
    I think it depends on the unit. The RNs wear navy blue on the floor I will be working on. If you happen to speak to the manager again try and clarify that with them so that you know for sure.
  11. by   Lovelymo79
    All RNs wear navy blue, no matter your unit. LVNs wear light blue.
  12. by   aSpringChicken
    Thanks for the info Lovelymo79! I have another random question I was hoping you could answer... Are you allowed to wear different colored long sleeve shirts under your scrub tops or jackets when you're working?
  13. by   Lovelymo79
    I don't think there is a rule about what you can wear over and under the tops. I've seen different colors for the jackets and undershirts