Pre-Nursing student wondering what semester you should take the Teas V?

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    So I am a pre-nursing student. I'm starting my first semester, just trying to knock out my pre-requisties. But I am wondering when is a good time to take the Teas? Also, how many times have you guys taken it if you didn't get the % you were looking for? Is there a limit to the amount of times you can take it?

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    I waited to take it until I finished my science prereqs. I don't think that is absolutely necessary, but it just depends on your knowledge of and comfort level with subjects like chemistry and anatomy. Or if you aren't great at math you might want to wait to take the TEAS until after your algebra class.

    How many times you can take the test and what percentage you need depends on the school. Mine allowed only one try and looked at specific sections, not the overall grade.

    I used both the ATI manual and the McGraw-Hill's book of practice tests to study. I think I started studying about one month before the test. That was only in January but it feels like a long time ago!

    Good luck!
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    I finished up my last pre-req last semester and applied this May (find out August) and was told by the school to not take the TEAS until I get conditionally accepted. I'm purchasing the ATI TEAS V study guide this week and plan on studying that all Summer in preparation for when I get that acceptance letter
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    I took my test as late as I felt comfortable because I wanted as much knowledge and study time as possible. I took my teas about 3 weeks before the schools set deadline. My school allows you to take it twice but I only had to do it once, I was happy with my score and didn't feel like it would be worth it for a retest. I was still currently in A&P2 but my science background was good from previous classes so I didn't feel lost when taking it. Good luck with everything you plan to do!
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    The TEAS scores are good at my school for three years. It's basically high school level math, chemistry, biology and english, but I had been out of school for so long that I struggled with the sciences and math, but aced the english. Study where you are weakest, would be my advice. Wish I had spent more time studying, but I still managed to get a good score somehow and get into my program. Good luck!
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    A friend told me that they saw Physics on the exam. Have you seen that?
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    I'd say wait till after A&P because questions will be asked!
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    Quote from jnichox2
    A friend told me that they saw Physics on the exam. Have you seen that?
    I don't remember any physics. My test had a ton of chemistry, a little A&P, and a little biology.
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    I took my TEAS before I took my prereqs... and scored a 72.7%
    I took my TEAS after prereqs....and scored a 87.3%

    I was tested 3 times (scored an 82% in the middle of my last semester)..
    My school requires a minimum of 78% but to be competitive, they said to aim between 85-87%. We are allowed to take it 3 times in a calendar year, with 30 days in between attempts.

    Good luck! Don't stress yourself, I highly recommend the ATI study manual.
    Definitely review before the test!
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    When I first took the TEAS, it was after I finished A&P II. Now, granted I only feel like I had a handful of A&P based questions on my version, but it at least helped that I went in with a basic knowledge of certain topics- especially the anatomy and physiology of the heart, because I remember having a question or two about the conduction system. I didn't do too well on the Science part because there were a lot of Chemistry questions, and the school I previously applied to didn't have a Chemistry requirement, so that really dropped my score. I still managed the required "Proficient," but it sucks because I don't feel I was prepared well enough for the test.

    I have to take the TEAS again as a baseline for my BSN program, but I'll have until the middle of November to do so. At least this time I'll have a general understanding of Chemistry so that I'll feel confident this time around. Too bad I'll be taking it while in the nursing program.

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