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Average TEAS V Score? Your score? - page 6

Took the TEAS V. I got a 78. I thought oh, no. That's awful. I hadn't studied a lick, so it's better than I'd expected...for not knowing what to expect. When I told the admissions office I... Read More

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    My school doesn't test science so we are not given an overall score. I've been out of school for 3 years so not exactly fresh. I did absolutely no studying whatsoever, got 85.7 reading, 90 math, 90 language. It really is not a difficult exam in any manner.
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    When you guys say that you got an 80 or 66 etc. Is that 80 out of 150? or is that 80%? I am preparing to take the test, but am discouraged from my practice test results. I took it just to see where I am at and will study and then take a second practice test.
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    I just took the exam yesterday. I got an overall 75.8%. I know I am above the average for the school I applied to, but they only take 50 out of the 250 applicants. I don't want to be number 51. Should I retake it? Opinions??