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  1. granolatrees

    Triangle around the #2

    The lab didn't write it í ½í¸‚ thanks for not being helpful!
  2. granolatrees

    Triangle around the #2

    I received a lab requisition and under the "Other Symptoms:" header was a 2 with a triangle around it. For the life of me I cannot figure it out. This is a patient in her third pregnancy, with two living children. It was an order for an OGTT. She is in her third trimester.
  3. granolatrees

    OB Tech/LPN Scrub

    Being offended is useless and in no way productive. I had surgical rotations in school, not that I need to explain that. If they wanted a CST, they would have posted for it, not an LPN. Useless post is useless.
  4. granolatrees

    OB Tech/LPN Scrub

    I want to apply for this job. My dream is to work in OB. My only concern is item #1. I've been an a LPN in peds and LTC for 3 years. My only surgical exp is clinicals. I have full faith I'm competent. I asked a surg tech friend about the knowledge I may be lacking. She gave me the following list: •all of the instrument names •how to pass and use them •the order the others need them in •suture types and what they're for •how to drape ✔️ •how to do a surgical setup •how to maintain a sterile surgical field✔️ •how to count instruments, sponges, etc. •how to scrub and gown and glove yourself and others. ✔️ •certain meds✔️ •open a package onto a sterile field✔️ I feel like I could learn the unchecked in a weekend. Not to mention training. Am am I missing something that implies I shouldn't apply?
  5. granolatrees

    Davenport PN Fall 2014

    I completed DU-Midland LPN program this summer. During the middle of our year, they changed some of the planning and "synced" their coursework with the Warren campus. It put a delay on getting grades back, and it also meant that the tests were written by teachers we didn't have (Warren teachers)...and that Warren students were getting tests written by Midland teachers. I took AP2 my first semester. That was tough. But when Med/Surg came about in January I just kept the same pace I had...a lot of people struggled with the extra load of work. I was one of the first people licensed and had a great job waiting for me. Anyway. Good luck to you all! It's a great program :) I'm just waiting to get into an LPN to RN transition program now.
  6. granolatrees

    MCC LPN to RN: How many semesters?

    Just wondering how long the transition program is expected to take? I couldn't find it on their website, hoping someone has some info.
  7. granolatrees

    MI BON: How long to post license # on LARA?

    Thank you! I test Wednesday and it appears I have a job waiting :)
  8. Just wondering how long it took the MI BON to post your license # on LARA? Cross-posted. I put it in the MI board, but that seems to be more school-related. Admins remove if necessary.
  9. After taking the NCLEX, how long did it take the MI BON to post your license numbers?
  10. granolatrees

    Kaplan Review: Necessary?

    My school is offering/marketing/selling a one-day Kaplan review course that's like... $300 or $400. For those of you who have taken the seminar as well as the NCLEX, how much of a difference do you think the Kaplan review made? Is it worth it?
  11. granolatrees

    Clinical difficulties!

    I heard someone say once that for the first year of anyone's nursing career, they should come home and review/research the diseases they treated at work that day. Your texts are a great reference to refer to even after graduation.
  12. granolatrees

    Clinical difficulties!

    You should look into your Fundamentals or Med Surg book, as CHF s/s should have been covered at some point along your LPN education.. Edit: A&P isn't going to teach you s/s of disease processes.
  13. granolatrees

    Lpn to Rn bridge Michigan

    Literally any community college. I'm from Michigan. Find your nearest community college, or the second nearest. There are normally "transition tracks" for those who already hold their LPN or EMT to get their ADN.
  14. granolatrees

    A week away from my last semester and scared!!!!!

    Know the hormones, where they come from, and when. Always the hormones.