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Happy.Nurselet has 2 years experience as a LPN.

I achieved my long-term dream of becoming a nurse 2 years ago, and I am looking to advance to RN within the next few years. I currently work inpatient psychiatric and love it, though I recall fondly my time in triage. Wherever there are patients and friendly coworkers, I am content. 

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  1. Happy.Nurselet

    Hampton, VA VA

    Following as I am looking to move to the Chesapeake/Portsmouth area in a year or so.
  2. Happy.Nurselet

    LPN @ VA hospital & Overtime

    The slogan at the VA is “if you’ve seen one VA, you’ve seen ONE VA.” I work for a VA medical center and I love it! It’s a great place, but overtime is not that extreme. I have the opportunity for 8-16 hours on a good week, 4 or less on a not-so-good...
  3. Happy.Nurselet

    Religion & Ectopic Abortion

    I'm glad to see that other Christians (Catholic and of other denominations) and non religious alike accept the termination of ectopics in this manner. @jetsy62 as for the question of whether terminating an ectopic pregnancy is abortion, by definition...
  4. Happy.Nurselet

    For pagan nurses, is "Happy solstice" the right expression?

    I have tried out many religions, and for a couple of winters I was on the pagan spectrum. During those times I found the most respectful way to respond that I was comfortable with was "have a blessed Yuletide" or (merrily) "Yuletide cheer". I also us...
  5. Happy.Nurselet

    What do you do when your instructors are useless?

    Critical thinking can absolutely be developed. I was raised by a mechanic and an English major. They are incredibly intelligent people, but have a formula for everything. I came into nursing expecting a formula. I struggled. I cried a lot. I almost g...
  6. Happy.Nurselet

    Religion & Ectopic Abortion

    Hello nursing community! I have a question for you all. How do you feel about methotrexate or other drug-based treatment for the termination of ectopic pregnancy? As someone who was raised with very loose christian beliefs and spent some of my young ...
  7. Happy.Nurselet

    Valencia College ATN

    Congrats!! I haven't been through it, but I definitely want to follow your post! I am finishing my last two prerequisite classes next week.
  8. Happy.Nurselet

    Responding to psych patient requests/comments

    It's very difficult to tell over the internet. I have spent time after I finished my charting pouring over the internet for appropriate rehab facilities for patients and finding the best coloring pages or phone numbers or whatever they need- but it d...
  9. Happy.Nurselet

    VA Hiring Process

    Sigh.... I'm both saddened and comforted reading these posts. I had an interview at the end of September and received a soft offer, have done all of my part, but I'm still waiting for a firm offer with a start date. While I do understand government r...
  10. Happy.Nurselet

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Please check your license at the door!
  11. Happy.Nurselet

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Oh my heavens!! YESSSS!
  12. Happy.Nurselet

    Are there any psych LPN's?

    I am one of about 8 psychiatric LPNs on my acute behavioral health floor.
  13. Happy.Nurselet

    Orlando Tech (LPN Program)

    No matter what education you have going in, everyone goes through the same program at the same pace, more or less. It takes 12-13 months. You are in class 5 days a week from 745-225 with variations for clinical days. The latest I ever got out was 3:5...
  14. Happy.Nurselet

    LPN Jobs Orlando

    Well that's news! I was given different information. I apologize for inaccurate info.
  15. Happy.Nurselet

    Tips for the new girl?

    So far. Orientation has been mostly focused on med/surg areas, but this hospital system is one of the top 5 largest employers in my state so its not surprising. I guess I'll start orientation on my floor in a week, because its another week of compute...