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Happy.Nurselet has 2 years experience as a LPN.

I achieved my long-term dream of becoming a nurse 2 years ago, and I am looking to advance to RN within the next few years. I currently work inpatient psychiatric and love it, though I recall fondly my time in triage. Wherever there are patients and friendly coworkers, I am content. 

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  1. Happy.Nurselet

    Hampton, VA VA

    Following as I am looking to move to the Chesapeake/Portsmouth area in a year or so.
  2. Happy.Nurselet

    LPN @ VA hospital & Overtime

    The slogan at the VA is “if you’ve seen one VA, you’ve seen ONE VA.” I work for a VA medical center and I love it! It’s a great place, but overtime is not that extreme. I have the opportunity for 8-16 hours on a good week, 4 or less on a not-so-good week. In our area, overtime is usually during night shift as a sitter, and the techs get first choice because they are most cost effective for the job needing done. That being said, I have heard that it is very different in the other VA medical centers that my team members have come from. Some places, overtime is constantly available and others are more restrictive with it than my location. Many people I work with prefer to have a second job part time or per DIEM over expecting overtime.
  3. Happy.Nurselet

    LPN Jobs Orlando

    Well that's news! I was given different information. I apologize for inaccurate info.
  4. Happy.Nurselet

    Tips for the new girl?

    So far. Orientation has been mostly focused on med/surg areas, but this hospital system is one of the top 5 largest employers in my state so its not surprising. I guess I'll start orientation on my floor in a week, because its another week of computer training modules first. Thank you for the resource, I will look into that.
  5. Happy.Nurselet

    My Nclex experience was an absolute nightmare.

    Eek! I should be taking it in a month or so and I guess I know to accept the rescheduling offer!!
  6. Happy.Nurselet

    Orlando tech to Valencia AVS

    Has anyone gone from Orlando tech's LPN program into the Valencia College Advanced standing track program since they articulated? Evidently you receive 12 credit hours towards the 60 hr advanced standing track program, taking your total hours down to 48 for your RN. I found the articulation agreement to validate that, but it doesn't explain which classes are skipped to account for those 12 credit hours? It seems like a lot of the program is online, is it doable to work and go to school during the program? Do you get to choose where your clinicals will be? Any info you have would be great!
  7. Happy.Nurselet

    Seeking answers

    I had to take the TABE to prove I was qualified to take the TEAS. I took TEASV but did not b have to take the science portion. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Happy.Nurselet

    Orlando tech program

    Congrats! Be prepared. It is hard. Be on time, always. The best thing I did for myself before starting was to go to the des moines university website and take their free terminology course. Knowing the prefixes and roots for medical terminology has saved me on many tests. Be prepared to do a lot of time- consuming work which really isn't difficult. Everything you do in this program, you do for a reason, which you won't know for a while after doing it. There are 2-5 exams per week, presentations where you must speak in front of the class, creative projects, papers, and lots of homework to go with all of that like study guides and drug cards. Clinicals are easy at first but then come with 2-5 hours of prep work going to hospitals to choose patient(s) then doing research on their condition. You will feel like nursing is the only thing you know, and school will be your life. Embrace it. It's easier if you swallow it willingly. But it's fun. I graduate in february and as much as I want to be done, I will miss this a lot.
  9. Happy.Nurselet

    Orlando Tech LPN program

    Did you end up starting the program? I'd recommend a server job where you can trade off shifts on short notice, as notice is the most challenging piece. Usually I only had a few hours notice of needing to call out for the night to get a pop up or sneak up project done.
  10. Happy.Nurselet

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    If we did this, we would lose a lot of good people, even in the nursing school phase. Many of my fellow students, including myself, are overweight. We are intelligent, consistent, confident, students, and 2 of us overweight students are at the top of the class. While grades dont indicate nursing skill, they do show dedication. I wouldn't have applied to nursing school if I knew I couldn't get a job because of my weight.
  11. Happy.Nurselet

    Playing catch up!!!

    Definitely have to say it's not what I expected! My class started in January and we are f/t, but comprehensive. So basically I'm working on nursing foundations, med surg1, basic pharm, AP 1, and clinical all at once! I missed one day of clinical and I feel like my momentum just crashed. I know where you're coming from girl! How much longer do you have in your program?
  12. Happy.Nurselet

    Average TEAS V Score? Your score?

    My school doesn't test science so we are not given an overall score. I've been out of school for 3 years so not exactly fresh. I did absolutely no studying whatsoever, got 85.7 reading, 90 math, 90 language. It really is not a difficult exam in any manner.