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  1. ReOxyS

    Sense of Entitlement

    One night a code was running, complete with the soul-shattering alarm that can be heard all down the hallways. One chap hollered at me as I was passing and complained about the pain from his foley and demanded that I take it out. He wasn't my patient, I wasn't familiar with his situation, so I told him in no uncertain terms that he would have to wait for his nurse to come back to evaluate him. I told him she would get to him when she could, as she was the one doing compressions down the hall. As I was walking out he hollered at me "SO YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE ME LAYING HERE IN PAIN???" I reiterated that his nurse would come see him when she has finished trying to resuscitate the woman down the hall WHO WAS TRYING TO DIE. I told him that the frightful alarm that was going off meant that someone is DYING. He very sarcastically replied "Well I'm so SORRY to hear that." (He wasn't sorry to hear that).
  2. ReOxyS

    Over saturated health careers

    Depends on the area of the country you're looking at. I've heard some people insist that there's a shortage and it will get worse, I've heard others insist that there's absolutely no shortage and in fact there is a surplus of nurses. But the fact of the matter is that I and the rest of my cohort (and indeed those who came before us) had absolutely no difficulty securing positions. I had a job lined up the spring break before graduation. I'm in Texas.
  3. ReOxyS

    Pressure Ulcer and Blanching

    A nit-picky question here: So you have a pt with an open wound over his sacrum. He is someone who does not turn on his own, he has impaired circulation and impaired sense of touch/pain, and the wound looks just like a pressure sore (not any other kind of wound) The wound blanches. So then it is not a pressure ulcer? But can the injured tissue not become blanchable once pressure has been relieved for a sustained period? In order to heal, the area has to have a blood supply, thus we would expect that the area would eventually become blanchable, right? Or has it been found that a pressure sore will never become blanchable? Google has failed me, so I thought I would ask you good folks :)
  4. ReOxyS

    75 Q's Today... Feel Crushed.

    Your test pattern sounds exactly like mine was. Lots of SATA, and just about anything that wasn't SATA was a priority question. Cut off at 75. You passed, I'm certain of that. 😉
  5. ReOxyS

    Person Vue Trick-It was wrong for me. June 2016

    If you put in the wrong expiration date (or any other bit of information that is incorrect) you WILL get the text asking you to enter the correct information. You HAVE to put in the right info for the trick to work.
  6. ReOxyS

    Passed NCLEX - some points to note

    I felt like the NCLEX questions were in a completely different realm from the weird questions that Hurst asks on their q reviews. IMO, the NCLEX questions were much more like ATI's questions. Also, a lot of the information provided in the Hurst review is questionable. I went through all of their content FAQs and there was an alarming amount of BAD information (that is to say, information that is patently false). Further, they are inconsistent in how they answer their own "NCLEX-style" questions. ATI is very consistent - there's a good, solid reason for why an answer is right or wrong. Hurst is a decent review of systems, if one has had trouble with that prior. But their strategies and their strange, colloquialized questions are total bunk, in my opinion. Best of luck to you, and don't neglect the noise-cancelling headphones!!
  7. ReOxyS

    Passed NCLEX - some points to note

    Tested on 6.15 at 8am. Was wringing my hands for the next 48 hours, but all was well (looked at the Quick Results this morning). Some things to note: > You will not necessarily get all question format types on your exam. I only got a few of them, got no dosage calc, and it worried me when my computer screen blued-out after question 75. > The folks at Hurst act as if their review service is the be-all end-all of NCLEX prep, but I didn't find them to be helpful at all. If you don't feel like Hurst has helped you, don't worry about it, because you aren't the only one - and it doesn't mean that you'll fail NCLEX. Personally, I found ATI to be far superior to Hurst. > If your testing center offers ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones, USE THEM. I am not someone who gets distracted by little sounds while I'm focusing on an exam, but I have to say that having the sound of my fellow test-takers clicking mouses, sighing, and shifting in their seats blunted/cut out by the noise-cancelling headphones took my concentration to a whole 'nother level. I felt like I was the only person for miles. Use those blasted things if they're available. > I got my quick results 48 hours after my scheduled exam start time, and not a minute sooner than that (I'm in Texas). Fortunately an entire day was eaten up by work, so I wasn't brooding over it during that time. > I took my exam in my new home city, and made a point to go to the testing center the day before, time the drive, figure out where I would be able to park, and actually go up to the office (my testing center was a suite inside a Wells Fargo bank building) so I knew exactly where I needed to go. > Leave your phone at home or in the car. Don't bother bringing anything extra with you, aside from your ID and maybe a bottle of water (which you can't take with you into the room - they offered us lockers). > The day before you test, chill out. Just give yourself a break and don't stress any more than necessary (easier said than done, I know). Best of luck to everyone getting ready to test! Once it's all over, you'll feel like the weight of the world has dropped off of your shoulders!
  8. ReOxyS

    I think HURST has hurt me

    Seriously. I have noticed several bits of information that are patently false being passed off as factual. And their test questions leave so much to be desired. I have noticed that, within the context of their own test-taking strategies, knowledge is inconsistently applied. Further, their own test-taking strategies don't work on all of their own questions, and I'm practically guaranteed to get an answer wrong when applying their strategies to questions from other sources. This says nothing of the spelling and grammatical errors I have seen in their materials. So my question to all of you who have taken NCLEX is this: how do actual NCLEX questions compare to HURST questions? My school required us to take HURST, and I think once I'm done with school I will have to immerse myself in questions from other sources (in order to scrub HURST from my mind).
  9. ReOxyS

    What does your username mean?

    Reactive Oxygen Species. I think it would make a good band name..!
  10. Question for anybody who might happen to know the answer: Could the OP call her state's BON to find out if the school in question is in trouble? Would they be willing to supply that information?
  11. ReOxyS

    Not sure where to share this, Dansko sale

    I'm liking the white enya leather clog.. Anybody have those?
  12. ReOxyS

    Math Section: TEAS

    Truthfully, it was pretty basic. I think a lot of us have a tendency to over-think it, and that's why we may not do so well. Sometimes an answer really is straightforward - and we need to accept it.
  13. ReOxyS

    Math Section: TEAS

    I found the test to be 100% true to the ATI study guide. Although, I will say that the ATI study book did not explain a few things very well. Khan Academy was immensely helpful with explaining them, though. Math is my least favorite subject. But, I got 100% on that part of the TEAS. That's a pretty good recommendation for Khan Academy, I do believe :)
  14. ReOxyS

    the emotional aspect of ICU- just venting?

    I can't offer any advice or solace, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. I'm a student, don't really know what specialty I would want to go for, so I like to read about other people's impressions of what they're doing/what hurdles they're having to overcome. I figure ICU must be pretty difficult to adjust to, given that the patients on your unit are likely already critical. I hope you can adjust soon.
  15. ReOxyS

    Best Places to Buy/Rent Student Books

    DealOz.com You type in your book info, and the site compares prices on all websites that offer the book.
  16. ReOxyS

    Scrubs in school

    My school gives us the option of buying our scrubs from the university book store or from a real scrub shop. The ones available at the book store are crapola. The sizing is way off, there's no real form, and the fabric isn't comfortable. So I got mine from a scrub shop. Cherokee brand in Galaxy Blue. They have good pockets, the fabric feels nice, and they're cut to fit a woman's body instead of a box. Very cute!