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  1. ctaylar

    The nerves are starting to build up

    I had 71% overall on UWorld. Finished today in 75 questions and did NOT get the good pop up with Pearson Vue. I feel sick. I had over 34 SATA, 5 drag and drop.
  2. ctaylar

    Nursing School Drug Testing

    We had a random screening before clinical first semester, again in the third semester. It says 50ng/mL for marijuana metabolites.
  3. ctaylar

    Any pre-nursing studenets want to talk???

    I've been working on pre-reqs for two years now (in my fourth semester). I've only applied to one nursing program in the fall, and believe me, I am terrified. I have a 4.0 GPA and an 87 on the TEAS, yet the program is very competitive. I saw a Walt Disney quote on this site a few days a go, "Why worry? If you've done the very best you can, worrying won't make it any better", and I am trying to drill it into my brain. I won't hear anything until the end of May.
  4. ctaylar

    Spring 2017 Chat

    Winding down on the spring semester! I am so very over it. I always hit a wall at this point in a semester, it's just very tiring. Sitting at 98%, 95%, 96% and 97% in my classes, with only a couple of exams to go. Nursing application in, but still have to wait until end of May until I hear back from them.
  5. ctaylar

    Spring 2017 Chat

    I have a dreadful microbiology teacher. We have our first test tomorrow and it's on 6 chapter, I seriously want to gag thinking about it. A&PII is going great though, very interesting.
  6. ctaylar

    Spring 2017 Chat

    This is my fourth semester, applying for the nursing program in April. I'm taking A&P II + lab, and Microbiology + lab this semester. Last two co-reqs for the program. I'm extremely sick and nervous over applying and being rejected.
  7. ctaylar

    A & P and Microbiology

    I'm taking A&P 2 and microbiology in the Spring. It's the last two classes I need, and even though it's only 8 hours I am a bit nervous.
  8. ctaylar

    Has anyone passed the TEAS w/out taking a&p first?

    I took the TEAS mid way through A&P 1 and was told most of the science content was general biology. It was probably 80+% A&P. One question I recall (don't want to get too specific) asked about names of vessels leaving certain organs. I had NO idea.
  9. ctaylar

    How long did you study for the TEAS...

    I watched YouTube videos for about 6 hours the day before the TEAS test (mostly A&P 2 topics, a couple on mitosis/miosis/photosynthesis/cellular respiration and had NO questions on those!). I was half way through my A&P class. I read through a TEAS guide I got on Amazon once. I got 87%, I'm going to retake in the Spring when I have most of A&P 2 done.
  10. ctaylar

    Nursing entrance Exams...Is it just me or?

    I have no idea what is being accepted for the nursing program, and it is making me extremely nervous. They are talking about 500 applicants for 40 spots. I want to study English grammar (I got 75% on that section) and hope for a 90-91% overall.
  11. ctaylar

    Nursing entrance Exams...Is it just me or?

    I was only half way through A&P 1 when I took the TEAS. I didn't study much otherwise, but I had focused on chemistry and basic biology, only to find the majority of the questions were A&P. So many enzymes and hormones I had no idea about. I got 84% on science, 87% adjusted overall, but I want to retake in the Spring when I have most of A&P 2 done. It was tough.
  12. ctaylar

    Bad experience during TEAS 6 exam

    English was my worst section too. I swear for some of the questions, none of the answers seemed grammatically correct. By the time you get to that section though, your brain is pretty friend. English was my lowest at 75%, my overall adjusted score was 87%. English brought me down!
  13. ctaylar

    How to know if you have a chance?

    I haven't been able to find anything on the college website except their basic requirements for application "62 on TEAS, 2.8 GPA" etc.
  14. ctaylar

    How to know if you have a chance?

    I didn't even think to email admissions, I will try that. I will also see if anyone knows any current nursing students!
  15. ctaylar

    Average TEAS V Score? Your score?

    The program I am applying for gives bonus points if you are currently working in a health related field, which I am not. I think that is worrying me the most. I'm going to read an English Language for Dummies book, see if it makes a difference when I retest! I'll have also completed all of A&P 1 and about half of A&P 2 by March. I swear, most of my science section was glands, hormones and enzymes.
  16. ctaylar

    Average TEAS V Score? Your score?

    My English score was 75%! Haha. My spelling and grammar are pretty good, but I wouldn't recognize a verb if it jumped out at me. My other scores were (approximately) 94% reading, 92% math and 83% science.

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