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  1. ctaylar

    Nursing School Drug Testing

    We had a random screening before clinical first semester, again in the third semester. It says 50ng/mL for marijuana metabolites.
  2. ctaylar

    Mandatory Vaccine Waiver in Nursing School/Clinicals

    I had the flu shot when I was about 28 weeks. I would've been wary about it if I had been in my first trimester. I was up to date with Tdap so that wasn't an issue. It was the Hep B my OB gave me an exemption for. I've since had the baby and I've had 2/3 shots in the series. You may be able to get an exemption from your OB for the flu shot (based on where they personally stand), but every OB I have met believes the Tdap is safe.
  3. ctaylar

    Mandatory Vaccine Waiver in Nursing School/Clinicals

    I was able to be temporarily exempted from the hep b series due to pregnancy. But even that was incredibly difficult. Even with a medical exemption from my OB, the instructors still threatened that I would fail clinical for not complying with all requirements. They eventually (grudgingly) accepted on temporary grounds, I've just had my first in the series.
  4. ctaylar


    I had noticed that in previous nursing cohorts, some students were wearing long sleeve undershirts under their scrubs. I haven't had orientation yet, but that is what I am planning on doing. I bought some Under Armor (specifically cooling ones), and I hope that will work.
  5. ctaylar

    To Drop or Not to Drop....

    I found out I was pregnant (fourth child) midway through the Spring semester. I've never had a high risk pregnancy, I was taking A&PII and microbiology plus labs. I got A's in everything and applied to nursing school, and was accepted for fall. I'll be 26ish weeks when I start. It is a very personal decision that you have to make. You know what you can handle. You know your support system. Sometimes life happens.
  6. ctaylar

    HELP Pregnant and due during semester of A&P!!!

    I was pregnant during A&PII and I'm due towards the end of my first semester of nursing school. Do you have a good support system? I think that is the most important thing.
  7. ctaylar

    Does A and P II require you to dissect an animal?

    We were supposed to do cat dissection, but there was a cat shortage. So they used leftover cats from the last semester and we had to identify parts during exams.
  8. ctaylar

    How would you interpret this?

    I'm glad she clarified! I've only ever had teachers add the bonus to the overall grade, but that makes sense when the final is worth 60%!
  9. ctaylar

    A&P 1

    I watched all of the Crash Course Anatomy videos. Figure out how you learn best. Flash cards were useless for me, I read everything I could. I had to see things together in front of me. Focus on understanding, instead of pure memorizing. There is obviously memorizing necessary, but it helps a lot when you understand function.
  10. ctaylar

    How would you interpret this?

    I had a few teachers who do this at the end of term, it was considered extra credit. So mostly depends on how many points total for your class grade. It usually shows up on Canvas (or whatever) as 10/0. If your grade is based on 4, 100 point exams, your point total is a maximum of 400. So if you get an 85 in each test, 85 x 4 = 340/400 = 340/400x100 = 85%/B. When you get the bonus points, it adds to your point total but not your maximum, so 340+10/400 = 87.5%. I really hope that makes sense, hah.
  11. ctaylar

    How long did you spend on prerequisite classes ?

    It took me 4 semester/two years. There were pre-reqs to the pre-reqs. I had to remind myself to be patient and just keep going. I've been accepted to the nursing program for the Fall semester, and I only have the core nursing classes to do, which is great. ETA: I finished all the actual pre-reqs in three semesters, but my school only starts nursing classes once a year. Spring 2017 I finished some co-reqs.
  12. ctaylar

    Starting Over at 25

    I wasn't starting over, but I have been a stay-at-home parent since I was 19. I started my pre-reqs when I was 27, and was just accepted into nursing school for the fall, at 29. I won't graduate until I'm 31. People start much later, but I was worried in the beginning too.
  13. ctaylar

    Help with vaccines for school please...

    I've literally just had a false-positive reaction to the PPD read today. I had the BCG vaccine as a child, but I had a negative PPD for immigration 3 years ago so I thought I would be OK. All they did was follow-up with an x-ray (negative) and I took everything to school. No requirement of antibiotics.
  14. ctaylar

    remedial math

    When I took the entrance exam for college, I got a 29 in the math section (for comparison, I had 99 in reading comprehension and 99 on writing). I had mistakenly thought the entrance exam focused on pre-algebra, and it was very algebra heavy. Whoops. A couple of months before I started college, I worked through Khan Academy, literally starting with 3rd or 4th grade math. My math skills weren't horrible, but I had forgotten so much. I was placed into Intermediate Algebra, and through lots and lots (and lots) of practice tests, Khan Academy, YouTube videos, I got an A. It was actually quite enjoyable after a while, but College Algebra was not!! Once again, lots and lots of practice, same websites and videos, and many tears, I got an A. I got an A in statistics too. If I had gone straight into College Algebra, it would've been a horrific semester and there is no way I could've got an A. I was very thankful for that intermediate class, and all the foundation work I did with Khan Academy.
  15. ctaylar

    Help!, I'm obsessing over a 4.0

    I applied for Fall, and got accepted. I definitely understand wanting a 4.0. It became a matter of pride for me as many people doubted me as I have a handful of kids. I ended up with a 4.0, and a good TEAS score, and I still panicked over whether I would be accepted or not.