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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time,... Read More

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    JmhAnna, how do you find SUO program so far. Do you think online program has lots papers to write. Because I
    Do not like to write, I'm not really good at that, that's why online program making me nervous. I just applied for online program. Please can you send me fb link
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    Hi sfalumberjack007

    Have you joined the SU Facebook page? If not, I can pm you the link.

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    Hi Angleluv16

    Yes, there is a lot of writing involved with the SU online program. However, I have heard that other on-line schools require a lot of writing too. I was very nervous about starting the program because writing was never my thing!! You can do it, and they have writing tutors.

    Jenny Hanna
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    I just applied to South Univ for FNP, can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to find out if you are accepted?
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    I have waited 3 weeks to finally find out that im accepted. It took longer because I got my nirsing degree outside US.
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    This statistics class driving me insane already!
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    Hi everyone! I am finishing up my BSN program at UCF this Summer. Was wondering how many on here were planning to start the MSN/FNP program in the Fall? I also read through this entire thread to get everyone's feedback about the program. Would the Facebook page be beneficial for someone starting much later than everyone else (since it looks to be created early last year and I will be starting in Fall)? Or would you recommend a new one be created? If you think it's beneficial, can someone send the link to me? Also, I wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE for all of the wonderful, honest insight. It really helps when making such a huge decision as where to attend to get an FNP degree!! I was worried about no tests as related to success rate in passing boards and that doesn't seem to be an issue, yay!

    Anything else anyone wants to provide as advice for someone who hasn't yet started? ps More personal info: I work full-time and have an infant (so basically already have 2 full time jobs HAHA).
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    Hi CE,

    I am exactly who you're describing! I'm also finishing my RN-to-BSN program this Summer and intend, actually WILL, start the FNP program as soon as humanly possible. So far, the absolute best fit for me seems to be South University. I have been in contact with an advisor and I'm getting the application process started already.

    Since you read the whole thread I'm sure you know who the person in charge of the FB page is, she'll be delighted to PM you the info as it's not kosher to post it here. Also, you may have read my previous posts and seen that I'm in touch with a few SU NP graduates who have offered to help/support us newbies with any questions.

    Anyway, please feel free to reply and if you'd like I can share the info I've gathered. I've kind of been looking to start a 'cohort' for this Fall @ SU FNP program (provided we all get accepted -- LOL)

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    I have enjoyed reading all the comments and find some of them very interested. I graduated from South University Dec. 2014 with a MSN in Nurse Education and I am preparing to join the FNP class possible April. Would like to hear more about the pharmacology class.

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