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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time, although was told you can talk to... Read More

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    Quote from diggaz711
    Not sure. I only know a coworker in the regular RN program and she had some problems with them. Not sure about the FNP program tho. Good luck !
    have you found a school or figured what track you will be doing?

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    For some reason it won't let me PM someone first... So if you can PM me and we can exchange emails
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    Sure just added you
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    I'be been reading all your post and I thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can you email me I am currently enrolled in south online and my next class is advance health assessment, I need some pointers if you do not mind. And congrats on graduating.
    Thank you
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    Are you currently on the South University Facebook page? If not I can PM you the link.

    Jenny Hanna
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    No, I would love the link to speak to u.
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    Hi my next class is assessment also, what do u think of the program so far. I attend south university also

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