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  1. BeautynBrains_RN

    I Should Be in Jail

    I have worked in a psychiatric resident facility (Level 4) For children with Behavioral problems, very few were truly psychotic. I watched my coworkers get TKO'd, rushed out the facility in ambulances, few having rotator cuff surgeries, several with broken noses, a few with torn ligaments from bites, etc. All at the hands of these teens because they knew that they could get away with it without having charges pressed because they were in a psychiatric facility. Thank God that I made it out of that job with my life and my license!!!!
  2. BeautynBrains_RN

    Nursing Skills

    Hi Everyone, I can remember when I was a BSN student and I remember feeling lost when I got out of school because I was not as confident with a lot if the nursing skills because I had little to none experience in performing through skills. We had a 1 day check off and that was it. Is this or has this been anybody else's experience? If so, what skills did you feel less proficient in or totally and completely lossed in? Look forward to hearing your responses... Feel free to email me at klmom1216@aol.com
  3. BeautynBrains_RN

    Brian Short News

    Brian, his legacy will live on. RIP!!
  4. BeautynBrains_RN

    AANP Exam: Success?!

    Email me at klmom1216@aol.com
  5. BeautynBrains_RN

    preceptor woes

    I too had this issue in my program, but was able to secure one each rotation just in time. Due to this issue, I am in the process of trying to locate preceptors in each state to be of assistance. I know how hard it is. Best of Luck,
  6. BeautynBrains_RN

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    Nurse: " You see this thing right here?" Man: "Yes" Nurse: " We don't disturb it on 3rd shift." Man: "Oh, interesting..."
  7. BeautynBrains_RN

    Would you be willing to do this?

    I would tell him good luck with finding someone to work for free, but it wouldn't be me!
  8. BeautynBrains_RN

    Locum positions for new grads

    Phosphorus, I have been an NP for about 7 months now and I got a local tenens job and I love it, as well as the pay. I also love the flexibility. Yes, they train, but you have to learn quickly. I have been offered several full-time positions, as well and the contracts can last as long as you want. There is never a shortage and the hours are as many or as few as you want. Inbox me or email me at klmom1216@aol.com for more info.
  9. BeautynBrains_RN

    FNP Boards Study Group

    I just completed my Post Masters FNP certificate program and graduated again on today !!! I am preparing for my FNP Boards and am wondering is there anyone else preparing to sit for boards? How do you plan on studying? Are there any tricks that you use to help remember the content? Email me at: klmom1216@aol.com
  10. BeautynBrains_RN

    I give up.. Failed Aanp three times

    Wakes, Have you tried investing in a Live Review? I have found it to be very helpful. Maybe you have some testing anxiety and could benefit from some clonidine or a benzo to help you before the test. Change your thinking about failing the test, YOU CAN DO IT!! You made it through school- that was the most difficult part!!! I always say, do not try to learn it all. Learn the basics of a topic, but don't try to learn it all. Learn how to read a question, in a way that even if you do not know if the answer is correct for certain, you can still deduce. Good Luck:yes:
  11. BeautynBrains_RN

    Adult Gero NP wants to become FNP

    I did my Adult NP at South University, just finished my post-masters grad certificate for my FNP there- matter of fact I graduated again today! I also just was approved to test. Look into it. Inbox me for more info...
  12. BeautynBrains_RN

    First NP Job and unhappy...What to do?

    I feel the same way and am in the same boat (became and NP in Jan. And my sup physician is not at my site). I work in corrections as a NP and I told them, I will not see patients until I have had adequate training and fortunately they listened...I still have not seen any patients, but am paid for the shadowing and trainings that I go to. Remember you have the license and responsibilities to look out for you as well as your patients. The confidence will come for the both of us with practice, I remember feeling this way when I first became an RN.
  13. BeautynBrains_RN

    Adult/Gerontology versus FNP

    HI, I too am in this situation. I am currently an Adult NP and I have recently re-enroll to get my FNP post grad certificate. I do not like dealing with Peds and do not want to work with kids either, but have found myself to be more marketable as a FNP.
  14. BeautynBrains_RN

    ANP going back for FNP

    So, I enrolled back for my FNP- luckily the school I attended has a Post Grad certificate for it and I was only 1 class away (Pediatrics) from obtaining it. I start in mid April and will be done at the end of June. Here we go again.... ANY advice for Peds rotation? I don't wish to work with peds patients and dread it actually, but I find myself more marketable as a FNP.
  15. BeautynBrains_RN

    In home assessments

    I get 90/hr per assessment. They are good about keeping you in one county. The assessment usually takes about 45min to an hour. Nothing hard, just asking and confirming diagnoses a medications and vital signs. EASY!
  16. BeautynBrains_RN

    I HATE Nurse Practitioners

    Then your hospital knows nothing about business!!! NP's are practical and the pay is much cheaper than hiring the MD. I'm glad your hospital has money to give away!!! Good for them.

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