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Hello everyone. I have been searching for a list of online FNP programs but have not been able to find one so maybe together we can make one. I want to start applying to FNP programs soon and the... Read More

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    thank you very much to all those who posted schools here, lets keep this list going for others as well

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    Just an FYI to those who are searching, the link posted by Danish, includes schools in Florida but you can click on any state and see a list of schools for that state, Very helpful!

    Here is the link to the list of states
    All Accredited RN to MSN / Masters in Nursing Programs

    The list of states in on the left column, just scroll down a little bit and you'll see it
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    Thanks for starting this thread!! I don't think anyone has mentioned Duke U. in Durham, NC. They have a distance FNP program. It does require 3 week-end visits once each month during the physical assessment course, but the rest of the curriculum is all offered online. Clinicals can be arranged locally for distance students. Check out the website for more info.
    Home | Duke School of Nursing
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    Future reference Thanks for starting this thread!
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    Indiana State University is where I got my FNP degree and am now earning my DNP through them.
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    This has been a great help thank you!
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    Maryville University has a distance FNP & AGNP program. It is somewhat a newer online program but a private & small university. The programs are patterned just like their on campus FNP & AGNP programs.
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    No mention of Louisiana?!?

    I'm pretty sure McNeese State University and Northwestern State University have programs....
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    Please share your experience. I was accepted for fall 2014. Thank you!
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    Graceland University www.graceland.edu is completely online and requires a campus visit prior to clinicals for advanced health assessment. They are not approved for NC I do believe.

    Also, Eastern Kentucky University is a good online program

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