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  1. goofeegirl

    Please help decide between Internal Med Clinic Vs Minute Clinic

    I know this thread is a month old but have to say that I burned out in less than a year working for the MinuteClinic. I don't want to complain about all the reasons why but I am looking for a non-clinical job after working there. The pay and benefits are good but I would rather work for less pay just for peace of mind.
  2. goofeegirl

    Chronic care at retail clinics?

    I currently work at a retail clinic where the NP is the sole provider. Some chronic conditions are more easily diagnosed and treated while others definitely require more advanced tools. Honestly, it's so busy at the clinics in my area that I can't imagine offering more services. People wait up to 3 hours to be seen and this is in the more suburban areas. The clinics in the city have longer wait times. When I go see a specialist for my own needs I really prefer seeing the same provider. With the rotating schedules that we have, the patient may not have this continuity. Just some thoughts on the topic.
  3. goofeegirl

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Got it. Thanks!
  4. goofeegirl

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Hmmmm... not a whole lot of jobs listed on indeed. Granted, there are some but not as many as I expected. I'll keep looking.
  5. goofeegirl

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Ok. At home now from work and looking at a google map of NM. I'm going to search for jobs in NW NM. My lease is up in February and I'm free to move wherever. Let's see if this is a good move for me. :) Can anyone recommend a good job site for NM? I typically look at indeed and do a google search for jobs but is there a special place I can go look?
  6. goofeegirl

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Lux... Thank you. I admit that I've heard good things about Taos. Perhaps I'll look into this!
  7. goofeegirl

    Anyone interested in moving to New Mexico?

    Sounds tempting but how hot does it get there? Are there actual four seasons anywhere in the state? I'm a native of the northeast and love the cold and snow and having lived in the south cannot tolerate high temps. Quality of life is important!
  8. goofeegirl

    Non-Clinical Jobs for a FNP?

    After 8 years of working in the nursing field I'm considering a career change. My ideal job would be to return for a second master's degree as a Pathologists Assistant but that is another 2 years of education, certification and student loans. Not to mention state relocation. Until I achieve that dream, what kind of jobs would a FNP be able to do that is non-clinical and deals more with science than patient interaction? I thought about working as a medical writer. However, those jobs are not bountiful. All the research jobs want and pay for RN level certification. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?
  9. Just so you know, GA has a 4 year consent requirement. If you have completed less than this in another state then they may require you to fulfill their 4 years of testing and aftercare with time served. Depending on the circumstances, you may get a public or private consent. I hate to say it but for the past year GA has been handing out public consents which are visible for the rest of your life online. While this state wants you to continue working as a RN as long as you work with a consent, they have passed some rules that are more punitive than the years past. Good luck.
  10. goofeegirl

    How did you find NP Clinical Sites

    I had to find clinicals for NP school and will have to find them for DNP school now. Here's what I found worked... Join the local NP organization in your area. A google search will help you find it. They typically help you find preceptors or at least allow you to mingle with others and get recommendations. I put together my CV and a letter of introduction. Then did an internet search of all the local sites around me and got the office manager's name. I got dressed up and one day went door to door with CV and letter in hand and tried to get in to meet the office manager. If they weren't available, I left my papers and called them to follow up later. I managed to get clinical sites this way. Network. You never know who knows whom. I had a fellow nurse who had a brother who was a DO. A preceptor who unfortunately got laid off before we started referred me to another preceptor. A previous nursing school instructor who worked part time in a free clinic turned out to be the best preceptor I could have asked for. Lastly, the Take Care Health clinic takes students. Go to their website and apply. You might get lucky. Best of luck. It's not easy, but also not impossible.
  11. goofeegirl

    Looking for 2014 FNP preceptors

    What city, state are you in?
  12. goofeegirl

    College based health center FNP pay

    The university where I got my BSN was hiring FNPs for their health clinic and the salary was only about $65K. Very low, IMO when you can make that as a RN. I decided against applying based solely on the salary. I have student loans and need to earn enough to survive. Good luck whatever you decide.
  13. goofeegirl

    2 interviews today

    Wishing you luck tomorrow on the second interview!
  14. goofeegirl

    Confessions Of A Nurse Who Compulsively Eats

    I have binge eating disorder. It's not uncommon for me to get a half dozen donuts in the morning AFTER eating breakfast and down them on the way to work in secret. I've had eating disorders since I'm 7 and I'm so screwed up from it all that I don't know the first thing about normal eating. I've tried working with dieticians who specialize with eating disorders and do really well for a while and then fall off the wagon after a few weeks. It's so frustrating!
  15. goofeegirl

    2 interviews today

    Congratulations! Here's hoping you have a job soon!!!