moving to Rapid City, anyone live there?

  1. We are moving to Rapid City in Jan, how are the nursing jobs, I am taking pre-req's for RN, is there a good school there? Thanks. Texas (I work ltc and HH)
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  3. by   jsteine1
    I lived there as a child, so cant tell you about professional opportunities. But its a great area. The black hills, great ice skating rinks on every shallow pond, trout fishing is awesome. If you have kids, take them to Dinasour Hill and of course to Mt Rushmore. Beautiful country!
  4. by   SDNurseWannabe
    Quote from texas_lvn
    We are moving to Rapid City in Jan, how are the nursing jobs, I am taking pre-req's for RN, is there a good school there? Thanks. Texas (I work ltc and HH)

    Welcome to the Black Hills! I can't speak to nursing jobs because I'm still doing my prereqs but there are 2 schools here...University of South Dakota (ADN) and South Dakota State University (BSN). You can finish your prereqs at the School of MInes (I think...I go to Black Hills State in Spearfish).

    It's really beautiful here. We just moved (been 2 years now...) from Denver and would never go back!! My kids love it here too...Welcome!
  5. by   candyb_1216
    I live on the opposite end of the state but there seems to be alot of jobs in the 2 big cities (Sioux Falls and Rapid City). Good luck. Its beutiful in the hills plus theres lots to do.
  6. by   prairievem
    Hi, you lucky dog, I envy you!

    Just a suggestion from someone who worked in the Hills for 2 summers: living up in the Hills (as opposed to on the flats east of RC) can mean 10 degress cooler weather. I know it gets hot in Tx, too, but 90 to 100 degree weather is not uncommon there.

    Good luck!
  7. by   texas_lvn
    Thanks. We still have not moved yet. Uggg. I am finishing school first. I change my mind often. But we will move there in the next few years. I have never lived out of Texas, and am very apprehensive about it. LOL. thanks
  8. by   SydnieRN
    I live in Rapid City and I just graduated from USD here in RC. It is a 2 year program. SDSU is a 4 year, if I could do it over I would do the 4 year BSN it is only 1 nursing sememster longer, and requires more prereq's but its worth it and I have heard a rumor that our hospital is wanting to hire mostly BSN's instead of AD's, and next to no LPN's get hired. I hope you like it here in the Black Hills! I have lived here all my life and I love it! THere is so much to do, as it is a tourist trap!
  9. by   countrydot
    Hi I'm another S.D. wannabe. I'm an LPN at present working med/surg but have done nursing home and correctional nursing too . I was hoping to get in at a VA or INS hospital or home situation . Am I off base in thinking a LPN can get in? I'm 53 and don't know if I can commit myself to another year or more to school. Any advice would be appreciated. countrydot
  10. by   SDS_RN
    I don't live in Rapid I'm on the opposite end of the state but we vacation there and if I did not have school aged children I would like to live there. I told my husband that's where we would be retiring at. Long time to go yet for that. There is a lot of stuff to do and our kids love our vacations out there. I like to look on the net for nursing jobs and I usually see a lot of job postings for Rapid and Sioux Falls. Good luck to you and I hope you'll enjoy SD.