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Hello All,

I will be graduating this coming May with a BSN from the University of North Dakota and will be moving to Aberdeen SD because of family. I interviewed with Sanford for a med/surg position about a week ago but no word from them yet. It seems like there is no other RN positions available from either Sanford or Avera other than OB. Is there any other prospect or recommendations?

Please share.

Thanks in advace


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I live close to Aberdeen. There are several jobs at the Avera complex that aren't OB. Here is a link to their job page:

Also, there are several nursing homes that are hiring RN's and also Universal Pediatrics is looking for help in Aberdeen.

As far as Sanford, I applied for a position with them when the first opened and it took them quite a long time to get back to me, I'm thinking a month?

Let me know if I can be of any more help!



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Thank you Denise. This helps a lot. It's my first time applying. Got my first rejection from Sanford. I was disappointed but will continue to hunt.

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