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Hello, New to the forum . :) I have been an RN for 20+ years. In the last year became a nurse sub, and in the last month I have ended up the long term sub at an elementary school with the... Read More

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    The "other" table is the awesome table! I wear scrub cargoes with a polo shirt.
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    i mix it up, jeans on the days i can wear them, scrubs other days, khakis some days (more often lately, as it's been too cold ) though 98% of the time I have my while jacket on. I like pockets.
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    I wear scrubs M-Th and jeans with a school spirit shirt on Fridays. If I didn't wear scrubs, I would have to wear "dress" clothes and shoes. So, scrubs is the easiest for me to move around in and easiest to clean after a nasty day.
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    Thanks so much for all your input! I will most definitely wear pink on Wednesdays- good thing I bought a pink scrub top this weekend. I'm sticking with scrubs- I don't have to worry about ruining my street clothes- and the kids all know I'm the nurse. Love ready your posts- you keep me entertained!
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    Quote from ohiobobcat

    All of my scrubs are solid colored tops and bottoms. I used to wear patterned tops, but I spent 3 years working in a hospital with a dress code (white tops, maroon pants for all nursing staff) and now I have a hard time wearing patterns. I picked out a couple of patterned tops when I took this job, and I haven't worn them. It's a weird aversion, I know.
    I have an aversion to the patterned tops as well. Except I avoid them because a lot of daycares in my area have their staff wear scrubs and they all go with the patterns. I now associate the patterned tops with daycares and since I'm not a daycare worker, I don't wear them.
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    I wear scrub bottoms and usually a loose t-shirt with a cardigan with pockets on top. A mix of nurse and business casual. I have learned the comfortable bottoms are a much for me. Sometime I switch it up and wear a scrub top.
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    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
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    Quote from nurseactivist
    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
    Because it's fetch!
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    see the 'That's so fetch' thread
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    Scrubs. All day, errday. Then I never have to think about what to wear. Except on the weekend when I just stand in my closet and stare at my normal clothes at a complete loss.
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    Business casual and comfortable shoes I can run in.
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    Scrubs and tennis shoes. I have foot issues and can't do dress shoes (another reason scrubs work well).

    Sometimes I'll wear a school tshirt with scrub bottoms but usually only on Fridays. I've thought of doing a polo or knit shirt with scrub bottoms every day because I find it more comfortable but the few times I have I miss my pockets!

    I prefer the solid scrubs as well but I do have a few prints (mostly holiday) because the kids just LOVE them. So occasionally I will surprise them. Our cooks wear printed scrubs as well so there's that. I feel like with so many occupations now beginning to wear scrubs it's hard to always feel professional in them. (But I'm not ready to give up my comfort just yet.)