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Hello, New to the forum . :) I have been an RN for 20+ years. In the last year became a nurse sub, and in the last month I have ended up the long term sub at an elementary school with the... Read More

  1. by   MrNurse(x2)
    The "other" table is the awesome table! I wear scrub cargoes with a polo shirt.
  2. by   Flare
    i mix it up, jeans on the days i can wear them, scrubs other days, khakis some days (more often lately, as it's been too cold ) though 98% of the time I have my while jacket on. I like pockets.
  3. by   mom to many
    I wear scrubs M-Th and jeans with a school spirit shirt on Fridays. If I didn't wear scrubs, I would have to wear "dress" clothes and shoes. So, scrubs is the easiest for me to move around in and easiest to clean after a nasty day.
  4. by   Duncan6
    Thanks so much for all your input! I will most definitely wear pink on Wednesdays- good thing I bought a pink scrub top this weekend. I'm sticking with scrubs- I don't have to worry about ruining my street clothes- and the kids all know I'm the nurse. Love ready your posts- you keep me entertained!
  5. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    Quote from ohiobobcat

    All of my scrubs are solid colored tops and bottoms. I used to wear patterned tops, but I spent 3 years working in a hospital with a dress code (white tops, maroon pants for all nursing staff) and now I have a hard time wearing patterns. I picked out a couple of patterned tops when I took this job, and I haven't worn them. It's a weird aversion, I know.
    I have an aversion to the patterned tops as well. Except I avoid them because a lot of daycares in my area have their staff wear scrubs and they all go with the patterns. I now associate the patterned tops with daycares and since I'm not a daycare worker, I don't wear them.
  6. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    I wear scrub bottoms and usually a loose t-shirt with a cardigan with pockets on top. A mix of nurse and business casual. I have learned the comfortable bottoms are a much for me. Sometime I switch it up and wear a scrub top.
  7. by   nurseactivist
    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
  8. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Quote from nurseactivist
    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
    Because it's fetch!
  9. by   Duncan6
    see the 'That's so fetch' thread
  10. by   NanaPoo
    Scrubs. All day, errday. Then I never have to think about what to wear. Except on the weekend when I just stand in my closet and stare at my normal clothes at a complete loss.
  11. by   KKEGS
    Business casual and comfortable shoes I can run in.
  12. by   Blue_Moon
    Scrubs and tennis shoes. I have foot issues and can't do dress shoes (another reason scrubs work well).

    Sometimes I'll wear a school tshirt with scrub bottoms but usually only on Fridays. I've thought of doing a polo or knit shirt with scrub bottoms every day because I find it more comfortable but the few times I have I miss my pockets!

    I prefer the solid scrubs as well but I do have a few prints (mostly holiday) because the kids just LOVE them. So occasionally I will surprise them. Our cooks wear printed scrubs as well so there's that. I feel like with so many occupations now beginning to wear scrubs it's hard to always feel professional in them. (But I'm not ready to give up my comfort just yet.)
  13. by   moreoreo
    It would be nice to wear scrubs once in a while but I have been told to not dress differently from the office staff so that they don't see me as an outsider, which I think is fair. I dress in comfortable semi professional attire.