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nurseactivist has 40 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, OB, ICU, Public Health Nursing.

I have just recently retired after working for 40 years as an RN in a variety of settings. I have worked in many specialties except burn unit, OR, ED. My last position was as a Public Health Nurse in a large metropolitan area. I am a published writer of op-ed pieces. Some of my articles were related to nursing and others were not.

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  1. Hurricane Irma

    If you read Governor Scott's emergency order, he outlines that FL will recognize the licenses from other states. (I had the same question)
  2. Gave a med I shouldn't have given... worried about repercussions

    Do not file an incident report. You are not running for sainthood. Clearly there are some questions about the policy. It is not that uncommon. Years ago, I discontinued a femerol line on a tele unit. I had been discontinuing lines in the ICU fo...
  3. Participating in Protests?

    The Constitution and your right to free speech still exists even if Trump thinks it doesn't! Do not wear hospital name tags. I proudly wear my union scrubs to all protests! I want the public to know that a nurse cares. Acting Atty. General tells...
  4. Is not answering the phone for work bad?

    As a public health nurse, it didn't come up often. However, we were county employees and mandatory disaster service workers. Therefore I did always answer the phone. I got called to go to a big cathedral as they were expecting incoming folks from...
  5. What to wear?

    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

    String bean casserole, cranberries, yams with brown sugar/pecan topping, mashed potatos with sour cream&cream cheese, pumpkin pie, lemon meringe pie. appetizer-chips, dip, olives
  7. The Fifth Vital Sign

    When I was younger I had horrible migraine headaches and I had multiple hospitalizations for them. I can relate to the sickle cell patient that was treated as drug seeking. Finally, neurology figured out that I was having rebound headaches from nar...
  8. Where can I get a RX for empathy? (A vent)

    I am wondering the best way to give them PERSPECTIVE without violating privacy or being unkind. I wonder if something like this might work? "It seems like you are having a really hard time and reality is that I cannot be with one patient every singl...
  9. Jury Duty

    Where I am in California, financial hardship technically does not matter. However, I have seen judges ask small business owners if they are the only employee or how many employees they have. I think they try to be sensitive to finances although tec...
  10. How does it feel to have a Foley insertion?

    I had a straight cath and it definitely burned and then subsided. I agree with poster, the most miserable thing was I had a foley occluded by stones and I had 1,000ccs in my bladder. Miserable only begins to describes that. The nurses kept fooling...
  11. Union Grievance! I need help

    I am going to echo the review your contract. One important item that we really pushed for was re-assignment language. The language gave nurses working at the facility preference over a new hire if a position opens up. If you don't have any langua...
  12. Waiting for Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

    When Scalia Died, So Did ‘Friedrichs'—And an Even Grander Scheme To Destroy Unions - Working In These Times
  13. Waiting for Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

    I am sorry. We are waiting on Friedrich's versus CTA which will affect public sector nurses.
  14. The Elephant In The Room and Evidenced Based Practice

    I get so tired of the new "nurse speak." I understand that every nurse is not an activist. However, if changes are being based on "evidence," one could certainly ask, have you read the Aiken Study? Dr. Aiken's study in the news
  15. "I would never want you as my nurse!"

    I have no problem with nurses disagreeing. However, when I see really snarky mean responses, after a while I can guess who the poster is without even reading their name. I think it is fine to disagree and have different opinions. It is not necess...

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