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nurseactivist has 40 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, OB, ICU, Public Health Nursing.

I have just recently retired after working for 40 years as an RN in a variety of settings. I have worked in many specialties except burn unit, OR, ED. My last position was as a Public Health Nurse in a large metropolitan area. I am a published writer of op-ed pieces. Some of my articles were related to nursing and others were not.

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  1. nurseactivist

    Hurricane Irma

    If you read Governor Scott's emergency order, he outlines that FL will recognize the licenses from other states. (I had the same question)
  2. Do not file an incident report. You are not running for sainthood. Clearly there are some questions about the policy. It is not that uncommon. Years ago, I discontinued a femerol line on a tele unit. I had been discontinuing lines in the ICU for months. You have learned from your mistake, move on. You may want to question/clarify the rationale of the policy.
  3. nurseactivist

    Participating in Protests?

    The Constitution and your right to free speech still exists even if Trump thinks it doesn't! Do not wear hospital name tags. I proudly wear my union scrubs to all protests! I want the public to know that a nurse cares. Acting Atty. General tells Justice Dept not to defend Trump Order! Breaking news now.
  4. nurseactivist

    Is not answering the phone for work bad?

    As a public health nurse, it didn't come up often. However, we were county employees and mandatory disaster service workers. Therefore I did always answer the phone. I got called to go to a big cathedral as they were expecting incoming folks from Hurricane Katrina (even though we were hundreds of miles away). We received a few walk-ins who needed help obtaining prescription meds. I also got called and sent to our 911 center to answer calls during flu outbreak. It was interesting to be inside the center. They had huge TV screens on the walls. We had to wear different colored vests to identify ourselves. Health wore blue, transportation wore green, fire dept. wore red, etc.
  5. nurseactivist

    What to wear?

    I am just curious. I was never a school nurse. Why pink on Wednesday?
  6. nurseactivist

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    String bean casserole, cranberries, yams with brown sugar/pecan topping, mashed potatos with sour cream&cream cheese, pumpkin pie, lemon meringe pie. appetizer-chips, dip, olives
  7. nurseactivist

    File this one under "things I think but won't say"...

    I am going to fire you, I am going to leave, I am going to report you: --"Is that a threat or a promise?" "Go to hell" (for docs and patients) "You are bat **** crazy" (For patients and staff/Forgive me psych nurses) "You are kidding, right?" "REALLY???"
  8. nurseactivist

    How to Nab those Nursing Scholarships $$

    If the student is a member of a union or the child of a union member, look at the union's website for scholarships.
  9. For those who sign a contract, you will oftent see the language, "all duties as assigned." With a union contract, we would fight it as working in another scope of practice. It doesn't make it safe or logical. If in a small facility, non-union, the best approach would be to have all nurses employed there present it as a concern. It makes it harder to fire everyone. Are you appropriately trained and able to use the appropriate chemicals for each patient? I would present the issue as it takes away time from your patients and you want the best possible care for the patients? It is hard for management to argue that they want less. In addition, the focus isn't on you being unwilling to do a task, "beneath you."
  10. nurseactivist

    100 years of Nursing

    I came from four generations of nurses. I have a wonderful photo of my great aunt in her uniform at graduation 1936.
  11. nurseactivist

    It only takes one small thank you to lift up a Nurse

    When I packed up my desk after retiring from my last RN/PHN job as a case manager, many papers hit the recycle bin. However, I saved the handwritten thank you notes and was surprised at how many I actually had. I treasure the thank you notes. Some are perfectly written and some are printed like a third grader. I enjoy them all.
  12. nurseactivist

    Nominate Your Favorite Nurse: #NURSESEARCH

    Dr. Oz had an RN consultant on his team. I remember hearing her speak at continuing education class. Just wondering what happened to her? She contacted the show after noticing he had a PT, OT, RD and she noticed he did not have an RN on the team.
  13. nurseactivist

    Working for two hospitals

    Never had a problem working at 2 private hospitals. However, some public hospitals require you to disclose any other employment due to possible conflict of interest.
  14. nurseactivist

    My I'm going to medical school

    I googled and didn't correct the spelling, just read the definition. thanks, editor
  15. nurseactivist

    My I'm going to medical school

    Can't respond to someone who has so little respect for the English language. Learning to write before pursuing any career should be #1 on the list.
  16. nurseactivist

    How to handle a know-it-all, loud, humiliating coworker

    (As a union shop steward for years), I would say do not run to a manager. Too often, I have had managers go after the totally justified complaining nurse and not the true problem child. If at all possible, try to deal with it one on one. Having a supportive co-worker during these difficult conversations is not a bad idea. Often waiting until things cool down is helpful. I have gone into work places were there are ongoing issues, usually with one repeating toxic nurse. I have had toxic nurse seek counseling, use EAP for assistance. I have made sure they have had due process during their ongoing disciplinary hearings. It is an awkward position to be in. I will take the offending nurse aside and explain, I am not defending your bad behavior, I am only making sure the proper disciplinary process is being followed. Also, known as "how the cow ate the cabbage conversation." I almost always saw these issues come up during the probationary period and management did nothing. Too often management looked the other way for years. It is a nightmare, for the entire workplace.