Teaching Breast Exam to High Schoolers.

  1. I would like to teach breast examination to high school girls. I have the models that include abnormalities but was wondering if anyone has done this and how it was received?

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    Old Dude and I slowly back out of thread...
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    I'm curious; how was administration's support/response to this?
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    Old Dude and I slowly back out of thread...
    Oh c'mon guys. I thought you 2 would be the first in line to help with this question.

    Sorry OP, I am no help. But, I think it is a great idea to teach!
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    Old Dude and I slowly back out of thread...
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    Do it! I was taught about it in high school (all girls catholic school!). The even gave us this awesome gel mold of a breast that had one lump you could feel and another you could only see if you held it up to the light to hit home that just because you can't feel it doesn't mean it's not there. Contact your local Breast Cancer Center (if available) to see if they have resources you can use or even freebies! Also...
    Breast Exam Ever - Mammary Self-Exam Card - Bilingual – I Heart Guts
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    Politics aside, I question the utility. Current public health guidelines do not support self breast examination, as this did not reduce the death rate from breast cancer.
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    I work for a small private school and the administration was all for it with specific guidelines---email to parents advising them of the class content with option to sit out. I haven't read studies that say self examination has no bearing on cancer deaths although I do personally know of two women who found small lumps on their own which lead to early treatment with high survival rates. This is the first time a nurse has taught health and I wanted to add more pertinent information instead of sticking strictly with the book. I did spend an entire class explaining menstrual cycle --great discussion. We have alot of transfers from public school and although they attended health classes there they were not comfortable asking questions. I am enjoying this class quite a bit and am glad for the opportunity. My daughter, who is in the class, is probably not as happy but she is surviving.
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    Ummm, why?

    Don't you have enough to do?
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    Why not---it is Health related plus this class enables me to get to know the girls better.
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    I hadn't realized you were teaching classes as well. Good luck.
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    We at private schools are a bit freer in our time, no IHPs, 504s etc. I am going to teach one day a week as well. Looking forward to it.
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    I actually think both breast and testicular exams would be important to teach them in HS.