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Strep...2nd time in a month for me

  1. 0 Hi,
    This is my first year in an elementary school and I have had strep twice in 5 weeks. I wash my hands constantly. I sent a kid home thursday for what I thought looked like the start of strep, but that's it.
    I have worked in the ER exposed to EVERYTHING. I don't get it. Anyone else out there have strep this year?
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    Not strep (YET) but last night something hit me, fever, nausea, head ache...feel like I got hit by a truck. Kiddos at my school have had everything this week, strep, flu, stomach virus...
    Hope you feel better soon, OP!!
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    I am not a school nurse, but as a mom I can say that kid bugs are the worst! Don't know why but they spread the most vicious illness. Feel better.
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    Don't forget to change your toothbrush. Kids can give us some nasty bugs can't they LOL..
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    This is my first year as a full time school nurse and I have tested positive for strep and had four other viral illnesses since August. I always, always sanitize after every student in the clinic and clean my hands constantly.
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    Working with those kid and school germs is tough! I haven't gotten sick yet this year (::knocks on wood:, but I did work for 7 years prior to my nursing career with college kids every day. I think their germs toughened me up!

    Still, my co-workers to which is their first year in a school setting, they are getting every bug that comes year, your immune system might be made of steel, OP. Here's hoping! Feel better! ::hugs::
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    It takes a little time to build up your immunities.

    Feel Better soon!
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    Yes this a hazard of our job. We get exposed over and over to every illness going around whereas a teacher may only be exposed once or twice. I seem to catch every stomach virus that goes around. Not fun. I love when a kid is getting ready to puke and the teacher yells to go see the nurse! No-please find a trash can or bathroom first-whichever is closest!