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I began my first official job as a school nurse a couple of months ago. I was offered a fantastic position at an elementary school (K - 4). I never saw myself working with the younger ones as I... Read More

  1. by   grammy1
    Jr. High here, 7th and 8th. Good--some of them you only have to deal with for 2 years then they're gone. Bad--some of them you only get for 2 years and you're very sad to see them go. Much more independent than the littles, I don't have the patience or stamina for them anymore. RA has taken its toll. Lots of drama at this age though.
  2. by   bsyrn
    High school! Love it but I do have my drama kings and queens!
  3. by   cdgoldilocks
    Medically fragile ages 3-22, also community/alt ed school kids, kids in juvenile detention, Emotionally disturbed kiddos, DHOH. A variety of ages.
  4. by   iggywench
    I spent 3.5 years as an intermediate school nurse (5-6 grade) after teaching 5th grade for 7 years, and made the switch to a 9th grade campus in early December. I have 1000 kids, most want to be in class, and I love that you can talk to them and they take your advice. I also love that they have athletic trainers and don't have recess, so I don't deal with twisted ankles and jammed fingers all day, every day anymore. I feel like I am on vacation from my "real" job most days!
  5. by   scuba nurse
    My school is PK thru 6.
    I love it!!
  6. by   KKEGS
    I get the best of both worlds. I spend half my day at a middle school where the kids are more self sufficient (most of the time) and half my day at an elementary school with the littles who crack me up and tug at my heart strings. I used to prefer the elementary school and kind of dreaded going to the middle school but now I like both and appreciate different things about each setting.
  7. by   Blue_Moon
    I have pre-k through 5th. I really enjoy it.

    I never cared for middle school. Too much drama and attitudes. No thank you.

    I've only done high school a couple days so not sure how that really would be. We only have three high schools in our district and those nurses stay until they retire. We had 2 high school nurses in the past try grade school and both went right back to the high school. The one nurse didn't like to baby anyone so high school was a much better fit for her. The other nurse much preferred the kids to be more self sufficient.

    I've have three kids of my own and have loved every age from newborn through college but I feel the younger ages and the things they go through are easier for me to handle. I have no patience for crying teenagers but a small crying child is a piece of cake for me. I think different ages suit different personalities.
  8. by   moreoreo
    Just started PK-5. Most of the children I see are from the younger grades. As others have said, I enjoy that they are teachable and will try the things I suggest. And they are so darn cute!