Parents with poor compliance/lack of follow-up

  1. I think one of the things I like least about this job is feeling like I am chasing parents down for follow-through on returning forms, bringing in medications, notes from doctors, etc. We have a field trip tomorrow to go apple picking and I have to go b/c we have a couple seizure kids and a few epi-pen kids. One of the epi-pen kids has a bee/wasp allergy. Last year there were a zillion bees and one of the teachers actually got stung. I have been hounding this mom since the beginning of the school year to send in the epi-pen and I called and spoke with her Friday telling her that if I didn't have it by this morning, her son would not be able to go one the field trip. It is the entire First Grade going so if he stays behind, he will have to join a K class for the day which sucks for everyone. He is also not the best behaved kid. It just really makes me mad that this mom won't follow through and her kid has to miss out and the K class has to be inconvenienced. I asked if there was a problem getting the epi-pen and she said in an angry tone "I have it, I just forgot to send it in". She yells at me like she is mad that I don't want her kid to miss the trip.
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  3. by   nursetlm
    I hear ya. Wish I had some good advice. I just document all of my many attempts and hope for the best honestly. Of course, if it's extreme- I will get the principal involved. Most of them do comply once it means their child will miss a field trip/event.
  4. by   Flare
    You've done your due diligence. You've explained the consequence. Mom didn't get her act together. It's unfortunate that the child has to miss the trip, but it's not as if she wasn't given fair notice about this.
    I'd say that i would hope that this would inspire someone like this to be more on the ball next time - but I have serious doubts.

    On a related note. how much do you guys harp on your epipen students from last year? I figure I send out renewal forms in June and give a courtesy call at the start of the new school year to find out what's up. Most of the time they've simply forgotten to get it filled or send it in but occasionally the child no longer needs it.
  5. by   Cattz
    It hasn't had anything to do with health reasons, more like discipline. But, when kids are not allowed to go on field trips for discipline. The parents are told, on most occasions, to keep the student at home for that day. If it was health related, I would suggest the same. Especially, if the parent has had repeated requests to provide whatever is needed.
  6. by   MHDNURSE
    We send out forms in June and then in August when school starts I make calls to the kids on my "list". We do have 2 sets here with standing orders for emergencies, but the idea is that those are for kids who have an unexpected reaction and don;t want to rely on the availability of those. Plus if your kid truly does have a life threatening allergy, wouldn't you carry one on you, with your kid at all times and make sure he is never without it? I just don't get it.
  7. by   grammy1
    When we can't get medications in, (after a reasonable amount of time), we notify the social worker. Frequently, when parents hear those 2 magic words, they get medications in, physicals done, vision done, glasses ordered, etc., etc.
  8. by   nursetlm
    We have a "walk through/ meet your teacher" afternoon the week before school starts. Most bring in their meds at that time and I have them fill out the needed forms at that time.
  9. by   Windchaser22
    I'm missing more than a few epi pens; however, we have spares so no one will miss a trip.
  10. by   verdeacres
    Windchaser, do you find that having a surplus epipen makes some parents less compliant?
  11. by   Cattz
    Quote from verdeacres
    Windchaser, do you find that having a surplus epipen makes some parents less compliant?
    Good question. I have wondered this many times.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from MHDNURSE
    I asked if there was a problem getting the epi-pen and she said in an angry tone "I have it, I just forgot to send it in".
    Perhaps the mother is covering for the fact that perhaps she can no longer afford the EpiPen? After all, they have skyrocketed in price in recent months...
  13. by   Windchaser22
    Quote from Cattz
    Good question. I have wondered this many times.
    Probably, but by law we have to have them. I just received orders today that were dated July smh.
  14. by   Jedrnurse
    I just received a health info/emergency consent to treat form back after chasing down a parent for a while. What do I get back? A form with a signature and NO INFORMATION QUESTIONS FILLED IN.

    Hello, emergency contacts? Allergies? Medical conditions? Updated phone numbers?

    What do you think- congenital idiocy?