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Do your students have to have a "Pass" to come see you? I have only 2 grades and thus far, have never used a pass. I am starting to have kids who say they are going to the bathroom and are coming... Read More

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Passes are hit or miss. No one checks, no one cares.

    Kids are vaping in the 3rd floor boys' bathroom.
    Oh well.
    I care and check and can discipline. No pass, back to class. I'm thinking of making a poster...

    And ugh, vaping. I'm running into pot being openly smoked in MS bathrooms. Kids are saying it is "legal now."
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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I'm running into pot being openly smoked in MS bathrooms. Kids are saying it is "legal now."
    Dang! But think of the tax revenues for your state!
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    I have them and give them to teachers at the beginning of the year but I do not require the teachers to use them - I do request the teachers use them when I have a sub - they really help the subs with names, locations etc.

    I have a few teachers that like to use them and they requested I send them back with the students with whatever interventions I have done.
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    Yes my students must have a pass to see me. I am in k-5th grade. The teachers however, forget or just send regardless and depending on the situation I will send them back to get a pass before I see them!
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    Quote from Farawyn
    Passes are hit or miss. No one checks, no one cares.

    Kids are vaping in the 3rd floor boys' bathroom.
    Oh well.
    We MUST work at the same school!!! And it is one of my biggest pet peeves with kids just wandering in and out. It is a safety issue, but nobody cares until something happens.
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    Then it's the Nurse's fault!
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    I hate it when kids USE me for a pass because they are late to class. They stop in for a tampon, or chap stick right as the bell rings, then ask me for a pass. "I didn't get one" or "my teacher wouldn't give me one." Uh-huh.

    I caught one the other day. Liar-liar-pants-on-fire: "Mrs. Smith didn't give me a pass." Me, skeptical: "Really? OK, well here's your pass." She leaves and I call Mrs. Smith. See, Mrs. Smith always sends students with a pass (I know this because Mrs. Smith and I are BFFs and we always write notes to each other on the passes. The students are kind of amused by this.), OR Mrs. Smith calls me to tell me she sent so-and-so without a pass. Mrs. Smith never saw LLPoF that morning, and I am sure pursued the proper "late to class/lied through her teeth" disciplinary action once LLPof returned to class.

    We are supposed to use passes, I would say there is a 50% compliance rate. Some teachers are sticklers, some could care less.
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    Quote from Farawyn
    Then it's the Nurse's fault!
    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Exactly.

    I just finally gave up. Tired of spending my day questioning them about where they came from or why they don't have a pass.

    However, if they don't bring me a pass, I don't give them one leaving either. The same kid that told me their teacher knows where they are will look so disappointed when I tell them "you don't need one. remember, your teacher knows you are here."
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    Our 7-12 section has planners that they are required to carry with them at all times. In the back is a section to fill out where you are going and when you got back. They are not nurse specific, so no room for any notes of any kind. It they are caught in the halls without it, I believe its detention. I usually have kids stop in to see me between classes, and then if it takes too long, I'll fill it out for them so they aren't counted tardy. If they are sent to me during class, they teacher is supposed to fill it out. They don't always. I don't worry about it unless the student asks. My K-6 section of kids has no passes what so ever. They are just sent to me willy nilly. I would love a system where they all had to have passes, but I know the teachers would never go for it. It would take to much of their time.
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    I have PK-4 and with the exception of emergencies and diabetes care, they need a pass. I send one back with the child as well. I have great admin support so have about 90% compliance. My fav comment is "I don't have any left". Well walk on down to the copy room and look on the shelf. Alas, that, and making copies are not in their contract.
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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth

    And ugh, vaping. I'm running into pot being openly smoked in MS bathrooms. Kids are saying it is "legal now."
    Well, just take a deep breath.....LOL! oye!!! Still violates the smoking policy!!!!
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    I work with KG and first graders, so they are required to have a pass.
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    We don't use passes at the elementary school but we do at the middle school. If a kid, who isn't in obvious distress, comes to the health office we send them right back to class to get a pass. Some kids have an open pass and can come whenever (our diabetics mainly) but I tend to think some of those are too freely given. We have A LOT of kids with anxiety issues at the middle school and as someone who also suffers from anxiety I get it but I also feel like sometimes they milk it and use it to avoid the classes they don't like. We have one kid in particular who has an open pass to the health office and his counselor's office but can only "rest" or "take a break" for 15 minutes and then has to go right back to class. There seem to be more and more kids being given open passes to "take a break" this school year. We also have kids with EXTREME behavior problems so I know the whole point of the open pass is to get them the heck out of the classroom rather than making it difficult for all of the other kids to endure their meltdown.