It's getting very quiet in here! It's getting very quiet in here! | allnurses

It's getting very quiet in here!

  1. 5 Hope all the School Nurses who have started their summer break enjoy the rest and de-stressing of the summer and for those of us still with a little more time to go I hope the days go quickly, the end of the year checklists get done and the kids put a smile on your face before they leave for the year!

    Thanks again for another year with lots of help, insightful questions and good discussion. In what is sometimes an isolated job I'm thankful to have this group here who can relate to what I do each day.

    6 days left and then you can find me lounging at the beach for 10 weeks.
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    That's the only difference between my "school nurse" job and the traditional school nurse. I'm at daycare centers so no summer breaks here. We still get all holidays and weekends off though.
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    6 days for me! My only plan right now is to sleep in past 5:30 am .
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    4 days for me... but then i decided to work summer school, because you know...
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    Two days left of my first year as a full time school nurse. Subbed for 17 years! Now it's on to summer camp!
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    4 more alarms.....and I too will be working this summer but at my whim..doing perdiem in LTC hope no to do more than 3 days/eves perweek....

    burt I have some fun stuff planned ...log weekend in Baltimore, RedSox tix, coast of Maine....
    Blessed to have a job that I love!

    Happy Summer!
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    Quote from 100kids
    6 days left and then you can find me lounging at the beach for 10 weeks.
    I'll admit that's a damn good argument in favor of going into school nursing 10 weeks off to enjoy the summer...

    Enjoy your vacations (if you're getting one)--you all definitely deserve it!
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    Things have been so crazy for me, since school let out, that I've barely been able to pop in and read!
    School let out, so I'm working PRN at my hospital job. My niece got married on SAT and the reception was in my back yard. DH's g'pa died, so there was all of this family drama w/that, along w/the wake/funeral. Not to mention, I have my own 3 kiddo's (8,7, and 5) to contend with. And the questions about grandpa's death have

    I'm torn b/w loving that I'm only working 2-3days/week and enjoying the weather, and the desire to get out of the hospital craziness, and back to my school craziness!

    I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!
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    I do a 6 week summer school program.. no long breaks for me.
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    Last day is next Wed the 26th of June. I won't be going back till after Labor Day! Woohoo!
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    last week is finally here! woo hoo!
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    Quote from 100kids
    last week is finally here! woo hoo!
    Mee too!!

    One more exam today, one tomorrow and faculty last day is Thurs!